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  • Beeping pill bottles, inhalers that track doses, drug pumps that communicate with doctors--and yes, apps that can monitor patients and their drugs--all are aimed at making pharma companies more about outcomes and less about marketing pills and injections alone.
  • it's part of the company's effort to win over demanding payers
  • Novartis already made news by teaming up with Google to develop "smart" contact lenses that can track blood sugar levels in diabetes patients

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  • “A tool that ‘lets you know when your friends need support’ also lets you know when your stalking victim is vulnerable
  • Now a handful of research and nonprofit groups are analyzing social media postings with the aim of detecting and predicting patterns in mental health conditions
  • But translating this population-level data into health predictions and interventions for individuals is fraught.

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  • assessing of candidates' qualifications
  • can be used in a variety of ways
  • recruitment

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