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  • Erick Erickson, a conservative Trump critic, dismissed the move as “doubling down on crazy,”

  • The first is that, although the particle will always be either “up” or “down” if you look at it, when you’re not looking, it will be in a kind of combination of the two, called a superposition. In quantum mechanics, the act of measuring something changes it; the superposition “collapses,” in the parlance, to either up or down.
  • Let that sink in, because this technique, called “quantum teleportation,” is crazy to think about.

  • “An enormous, unforeseen calamity has taken place,” it read. “The Motherland, our country, a great power, given to us by nature, with its glorious ancestors, is perishing, breaking apart, falling into darkness. And this collapse is taking place with our silent acquiescence and tolerance. Brothers, we are late in waking to this, late in observing the misery when our home is already aflame in every corner. We must extinguish this blaze not with water but with our tears and blood.”
  • David Hoffman meticulously describes the rise of the new rich in the nineties in “The Oligarchs,” and Steven Lee Myers’s “The New Tsar” is the most solid book we have on Putin. Mikhail Zygar’s “All the Kremlin’s Men: Inside the Court of Vladimir Putin” is an entertaining look at Kremlin politics in the “Game Change” mode. “Opposing Forces,” a book-length dialogue between two dissidents—one Polish, Adam Michnik; the other Russian, Alexei Navalny—is a good supplement to the best of the recent surveys: Ben Judah’s “Fragile Empire,” Peter Baker and Susan Glasser’s “Kremlin Rising,” and Arkady Ostrovsky’s “The Invention of Russia.”
  • But the nonfiction volume that has done the most to deepen the emotional understanding of Russia during and after the collapse of the Soviet Union of late is Svetlana Alexievich’s oral history “Secondhand Time: The Last of the Soviets.”

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  • Bill Ayers: Everyone has regrets
    Author and Weather Underground founder Bil Ayers discusses his new book "Public Enemy: Confessions of an American Dissident."

  • Time and again, both the Brexit and Trump campaigns not only deliberately misinterpret the facts but flat-out lie.
  • Yet economic insecurity lies at the heart of the Trump phenomenon.

  • Whatever direction you ultimately take, remember that stereotypes exist so they may aid you in furthering the Republican agenda.
  • This is simply the advanced version of the “some of my best friends are black” argument, but with a twist.
  • Because as with the backyard argument, one example does a community norm make.

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  • The old grammar school up the hill became one of the largest Muslim schools in Europe; the old synagogue became a mosque; the old church is now a private apartment building.
  • That two supposedly well-educated men, who have presumably read their British history, could with such utter recklessness throw into hazard a hard-won union of three hundred years’ standing—in order to satisfy their own professional ambitions—appeared that morning a larger crime, to me, than the severing of the decades-long European pact that actually prompted it all.
  • When the numbers came in and the class and age breakdown became known, a working-class populist revolution came more clearly into view, although of the kind that always perplexes middle-class liberals who tend to be both politically naive and sentimental about the working classes

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  • but switched majors after discovering reporters at the student newspaper were too “cynical”

  • suggesting that each style of running has advantages and drawbacks, and the right way to run almost certainly depends on what kind of runner you already are.
  • most of which have found that an overwhelming majority of modern runners, whether male or female, slow or swift, are heel strikers.
  • when runners don’t wear shoes, presumably the most natural way for humans to run, many, although not all, adopt a forefoot-strike running style.

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