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  • William Daley said the reality is that the economic recovery has benefited only a “very small slice” of the country.

  • I have no idea how he'll react when I begin with the sycophantic yet accurate statement that I was a fan of his music as a teenager, and remain so. Will it elicit an outpouring of bile? A sarcastic snigger? In fact, he simply says "thank you".
  • In Reed's estimation, Berlin was his masterpiece, a view he still holds today.
  • The single, Walk on the Wild Side, became the anthem of 70s lower Manhattan, an urban moonscape that was very different then from the squeaky-clean corporate theme park it has become today.

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Apr 14, 15

The New York Times' Thomas L. Friedman recently sat down with President Obama for a discussion on foreign policy and the recent nuclear talks with Iran. Friedman joins Morning Joe to discuss the "Obama Doctrine." And makes more sense than usual.

  • In an article for Creem, Lester Bangs’s description of Rachel was so vicious that Reed never forgave his friend and staunchest supporter.
  • … like something that might have grovellingly scampered in when Lou opened the door to get milk or papers in the morning.”
  • Reed made a conscious decision to go “straight” (the bi-sexual thing had served its purpose as a fashion statement) and Rachel didn’t figure into his public personae anymore. She disappeared as quickly as she had come into his life.

  • These years have been called his “lost” years. Hardly. Lou came from a marvellous, supportive family, and going home gave him the safety and security to find himself again.
  • A simplistic explanation for why I married him could be that he wrote “Sweet Jane.”
  • He wrote “Perfect Day” about a day we spent together in the park, exactly as he says in the song.

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  • Since his passing from liver disease in 2013, there have been many accolades, articles, and ruminations on his life. As biographers have begun in earnest to explore every aspect of that life, there has been speculation about the childhood issues that contributed to his artistic genius.
  • During Lou’s teen-age years, it became obvious that he was becoming increasingly anxious, avoidant and resistant to most socializing unless it was on his terms. In social situations he withdrew, locking himself in his room, refusing to meet people. At times, he would hide under his desk. Panic attacks and social phobias beset him.
  • This was uncharted territory for Toby and Sid, children of the depression era who had never disobeyed their own parents.

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Apr 13, 15

This Sunday will be the 113th running of the Paris-Roubaix bike race. A small army of volunteers has been working to make sure cobblestone stretches of the race's route are preserved.

  • It is a book which explains two major stories about the human condition: the story of Prometheus and Pandora, and the so-called Myth of Five Ages.

  • Suddenly, it seems, many Democrats have decided to break with Beltway orthodoxy, which always calls for cuts in “entitlements.” Instead, they’re proposing that Social Security benefits actually be expanded.
  • Second, and more fundamentally, Democrats finally seem to be standing up to antigovernment propaganda and recognizing the reality that there are some things the government does better than the private sector.
  • Medicare and Medicaid are substantially cheaper and more efficient than private insurance; they even involve less bureaucracy.

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  • “The Fault in Our Stars,” a novel about two teenagers with cancer who fall in love, became a monster hit.
  • she’s shepherded best sellers like Ally Condie’s “Matched” series, which has 3.3 million copies in print in North America. She has shaped the careers of emerging stars like Nina LaCour, Stephanie Perkins and Andrew Smith, whose surreal novel, “Grasshopper Jungle,” won comparisons to Kurt Vonnegut.
  • James Patterson, Harlan Coben, Jodi Picoult, Sophie Kinsella, Carl Hiaasen, David Baldacci and Mr. Grisham, to name a few.

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  • And think of how much the party of Lincoln has turned against the expansive political philosophy of Lincoln.
  • Today, Congress will not even approve enough money to keep decrepit bridges from falling down, and has whittled away funds to help working kids stay in college.
  • It’s laughable to think of Republicans’ approving of something visionary and forward-looking in the realm of transportation, energy or education. Government, in their minds, can never be a force for good.

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  • French pupils can elect to take a general baccalaureate, or specialist technical or professional baccalaureates, which are more vocational.
  • The general one comes in three guises, Baccalaureate L, which focuses on literature, Baccalaureate ES with an economic and social sciences bent or Baccalaureate S a science focussed version.

  • “Comparing me with Frank Sinatra? You must be joking. To be mentioned in the same breath as him must be some sort of high compliment. As far as touching him goes, nobody touches him. Not me or anyone else.”

  • download a PDF file of the current guidelines concerning the French work permit application
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