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  • But Paul hasn't always cast himself as much of a Reagan fan.
  • In a variety of campaign appearances that were captured on video, Paul repeatedly compared Reagan unfavorably to Carter on one of Paul's top policy priorities: government spending.
  • The deficit went through the roof under Reagan.

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  • Justice Sotomayor is here arguing in effect that if a constitutional referendum doesn’t go the NAACP’s way, then its effects are invalid.

  • "Our opinions are not voluntary. Every man's own reason must be his oracle."
  • "I am, myself, generally disposed to indulge and to follow reason."
  • Your  own reason is the only oracle given you by heaven,

22 Apr 14

Top Talkers: In his new book "Capitalism in the Twenty-First Century," economist Thomas Piketty takes on income inequality and suggests a "global tax on capital" could be the way to help solve the problem. Steve Rattner discusses.

  • French economist Thomas Piketty asserts that one of his chief goals is “putting the distributional question back at the heart of economic analysis.”
  • documenting the dizzying rise of income inequality in the United States.
  • And when Piketty and his colleagues examined inequality in other rich countries, the pattern held: since the 1970s, inequality has risen sharply in every developed economy, with the gains concentrated among the richest 1 percent.

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  • The White House scenes are some of the more revealing inside tales Warren relays in her new memoir, “A Fighting Chance,” in which Warren portrays herself as an idealistic outsider, persistently fighting the excesses and political power of Wall Street.
  • “But insiders also understand one unbreakable rule: They don’t criticize other insiders,” Summers told Warren, she writes. “I had been warned.”

  • In 2009, the Department of Homeland Security issued a nine-page report detailing the threat of domestic terrorism by the white power movement.
  • The return of veterans from combat appears to correlate more closely with Klan membership than any other historical factor.
  • The report raised intense blowback from the American Legion, Fox News and conservative members of Congress.

  • Represent.Us is the non-partisan movement behind the American Anti-Corruption Act: a law that would overhaul campaign finance

  • Care for family and closest friends easily transmutes into indifference or enmity to those outside the clan circle – an attitude vividly displayed by Berlusconi himself. As Emmott puts it: the Italian habit is “to seek power in order to use it for self-interested purposes, to amass power to reward friends, family, bag carriers and sexual partners regardless of merit or ability, and by doing so closing doors rather than opening them”.

  • It is not just that economic theory suggests a jaundiced view of the world. It seems to make people act more selfishly too.
  • Studying economics, it seems, chills the heart and resigns you to a wintry view of human life.
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