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  • The White House scenes are some of the more revealing inside tales Warren relays in her new memoir, “A Fighting Chance,” in which Warren portrays herself as an idealistic outsider, persistently fighting the excesses and political power of Wall Street.
  • “But insiders also understand one unbreakable rule: They don’t criticize other insiders,” Summers told Warren, she writes. “I had been warned.”

  • In 2009, the Department of Homeland Security issued a nine-page report detailing the threat of domestic terrorism by the white power movement.
  • The return of veterans from combat appears to correlate more closely with Klan membership than any other historical factor.
  • The report raised intense blowback from the American Legion, Fox News and conservative members of Congress.

  • Represent.Us is the non-partisan movement behind the American Anti-Corruption Act: a law that would overhaul campaign finance

  • Care for family and closest friends easily transmutes into indifference or enmity to those outside the clan circle – an attitude vividly displayed by Berlusconi himself. As Emmott puts it: the Italian habit is “to seek power in order to use it for self-interested purposes, to amass power to reward friends, family, bag carriers and sexual partners regardless of merit or ability, and by doing so closing doors rather than opening them”.

  • It is not just that economic theory suggests a jaundiced view of the world. It seems to make people act more selfishly too.
  • Studying economics, it seems, chills the heart and resigns you to a wintry view of human life.

  • The suppression of writers and thinkers in Russia has a distinguished lineage: from Pushkin’s exile in the 1820s through Dostoevsky’s imprisonment in the 1850s to the Soviet zeks – Varlam Shalamov, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn and Andrei Sakharov – to pick out only the globally known.
14 Apr 14

I have trouble believing this but if it is accurate, these guys are bonkers.

  • The agenda of the Koch brothers is to repeal every major piece of legislation that has been signed into law over the past 80 years that has protected the middle class, the elderly, the children, the sick, and the most vulnerable in this country.

  • Both before and after 2008, ours has been an economic order that, largely designed to reward paper speculation and penalize work, produces neither significant job growth nor wages that keep pace with productivity.
  • Remarkably, our governing elites have decided to greet a moment of existential reckoning for most of their guiding dogmas by incanting with redoubled force the basic catechism of the neoliberal faith: reduced government spending, full privatization of social goods formerly administered by the public sphere, and a socialization of risk for the upper class.
  • the public legacy of these times appears to be a long series of metaphoric euphemisms for brain-locked policy inertia: the debt ceiling, the fiscal cliff, the sequestration, the shutdown, the grand bargain.

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  • Each of these passages has faults of its own, but, quite apart from avoidable ugliness, two qualities are common to all of them. The first is staleness of imagery; the other is lack of precision. The writer either has a meaning and cannot express it, or he inadvertently says something else, or he is almost indifferent as to whether his words mean anything or not.
  • The word Fascism has now no meaning except in so far as it signifies ‘something not desirable’.
  • In our time, political speech and writing are largely the defence of the indefensible.

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  • After all, Big Brother’s most potent tool for policing society had little to do with controlling computers, and everything to do with controlling truth.
  • His more immediate fear was more fundamental: that reliance on vague, “ready-made phrases” would, over time, conceal one’s real meaning even from oneself.
  • any tangible thing . . . relevant

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  • If this story is true it should be the last straw.
  • The White House said Friday that when the government uncovers a Heartbleed-like bug, "it is in the national interest" to notify developers — "unless there is a clear national security or law enforcement need."

  • Quantum mechanics has correctly predicted the outcomes of a vast range of investigations, from the scattering of X-rays by crystals to the discovery of the Higgs boson at the Large Hadron Collider.
  • None of the ways we have so far found of looking at quantum theory are entirely believable.
  • But that might be about to change.

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  • I’ll never tell anybody. ’Cause I’m not proud of killing people. I’m just proud to serve my country.
  • War’s simple premise, killing, is like that Trojan horse, devastating those sent to do it and, ultimately, the society they return to when the war is done.
  • After all, how can humanity’s greatest civil crime, killing, become heroic in the context of war?

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