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Jul 04, 16

Colleen is blind and in this episode of her podcast (Blind Inspiration Cast), she demos what it's like for a blind person to use a screen reader. Start at time 7:57 and watch up to 11:51 to grasp the most relevant tips for making your Web content more accessible.

Mar 07, 16

Sybaloo Start Simple channel on YouTube. Scroll through the list of videos for tutorials on all aspects of using Symbaloo as well as educator spotlights that feature educators and how they are using Symbaloo.

Mar 01, 16

"SweetSearch4Me searches only Web sites that our staff of research experts, librarians and teachers have evaluated and approved as high-quality content appropriate for young users. Only the best sites directed at elementary school students are included, and many of the results on the first page were created exclusively for kids."

Feb 11, 16

Creative Commons licenses provide a flexible range of protections and freedoms for authors, artists, and educators.

Feb 01, 16

"Participate Learning delivers thousands of apps, videos and websites - professionally vetted by expert teachers - that are searchable by keyword, category or Common Core State Standard. Additionally, any teacher can create and share Collections of their own favorite apps, videos, websites, or files (either web-based or uploaded) around a specific subject or lesson plan."

Nov 10, 15

MyCuteGraphics provides free clip art for printing, scrapooking, teacher created lessons, craft projects, to decorate your blog and more! The clip art you find here is 100% original and free for personal and educational use. Let your imagination run wild and have fun being creative with original clip art made by Laura Strickland.

Sep 08, 15

This is a webmix in Symbaloo that links to tutorials on how to use Symbaloo. It is a great way improve your Symbaloo skills - just look for topic you need. Add the Tuesday Tutorial webmix to your Symbaloo to receive the updates.

Jul 10, 15

Allows creation of binders that resemble 3-ring notebook/binders with resources organized by tabs inside each binder. Also a GREAT place to look for resources assembled in binders other educators have already created.

Jul 10, 15

Diigo provides "social bookmarking, web annotation, tagging, and group-based collaboration." In addition to bookmarking and accessing bookmarks from anywhere, you can annotate webpages with highlights & sticky notes. One thing I always loved about Diigo was the ability to organize bookmarks into lists and share a link with someone directly to a specific list in your library of links. However in December 2014, Diigo eliminated the list feature and replaced it with outliners and limits the number of outliners you can create for free (there was no limit on lists). Free upgrades are available to educators for "special premium accounts provided specifically to K-12 & higher-ed educators." Once upgraded, you can create accounts for an entire class (no student emails required). Users in a class are automatically in a Diigo group and can collaborate, and "privacy settings of student accounts are pre-set so that only teachers and classmates can communicate with them." The number of allowed outliners also is greater with the upgrade. If you like outliners and find them a useful way to organize links for you and your students or colleagues, go for it. Don't be influenced by my frustration about lists going away.

Jun 26, 15

A great source of photos and other images, many of which are licensed under Creative Commons licensing. With careful attention to the type of license (using the dropdown under "Any license," you can find many great images that can be legally used without permission from the owner as long as you provide attribution and adhere to terms of license for each photo.

Jun 24, 15

Choose from clipart categories (including backgrounds).

Jun 24, 15

This cool tool allows you to search for Flickr photos, and then you can download the image "stamped" at the bottom with attribution to the photographer and type of license. It also provides a link to the original photo on Flickr.

Jun 24, 15

Free download - Windows only - old/outdated, but still a great program if you happen to still have it on machines your work with.

Jun 24, 15

Windows only - newer version (2012) lets you record voice narration; earlier versions only allowed you to upload a single audio track.

Jun 24, 15

Many of links focus on workshops and other services, but check out at least two links at the top: Storykeeper's Gallery (lots of examples) and Evaluating Projects - check out how you can use the interactive tool to create a customized scoring guide for your project by choosing the type/purpose of the story and then selecting criteria you wish to evaluate. The Storymaking Tools link at the top goes to a wiki with some great resources including a list of iPad apps for creating.

Jun 24, 15

From University of Houston - excellent set of resources. Explore ALL the links at the top to learn more about digital storytelling, view examples, see a list of tools. Check out the "how to" link for great ideas on process including the importance of writing a script. The "educational materials" link has great ideas on how to use it in teaching and learning including how to evaluate projects created by your students.

Jun 24, 15

This page will show you her posts that are tagged digital_storytelling. Browse through the posts for lots of great ideas.

Nov 12, 14

Similar to Socrative but with some additional question types including ability to include images, have students annotate images or draw originals responses.

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