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Barbara Taylor

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Nov 12, 14

Similar to Socrative but with some additional question types including ability to include images, have students annotate images or draw originals responses.

Oct 20, 14

Great video tutorials/screencasts broken down by topic. Login via

Oct 20, 14

Five-part series of videos on creating a Google Site

Oct 20, 14

Quick overview of Google Sites from Google

Oct 20, 14

Extensive list of help articles from Google categorized by function

Sep 16, 14

Use this page to apply for an educator upgrade to extend your free plan privileges without having to pay for a paid plan.

Sep 04, 14

Also has an app you can download to create avatars

Sep 04, 14

Used to not be compatible with Macs, but seems to work in FIrefox or Chrome (not Safari) and works in Internet Explorer on Windows. If you are asked to install a toolbar, just be sure to "uncheck" things you don't want.

The CartoonYou app is what you want to use.

May 06, 14

Tammy Worcester Wang is a popular presenter at educational technology conferences - standing room only in her sessions. From this website of hers, you can use the tabs across the top of her site to access more than just the tip of the week - Google stuff, student activities, handouts and resources (including iPad and Web-based ones).

Apr 23, 14

In this blog post, Richard Byrne describes different online tools teachers can use to create quizzes.

Feb 18, 14

Good collection of resources about using Diigo - check links on left to easy-to-read overviews, classroom ideas (lesson plans, training videos), and other resources. Start with Diigo 101 and Social Bookmarking and Diigo. From the About link, you see that this website (Google site) was created by a group of graduate students for a course, but they appear to have done a great job!

Feb 11, 14

"Short guide to using backchannels for increasing participation in classroom discussions and for informally assessing your students' knowledge." Created by Richard Byrne. Gives detailed instructions on TodaysMeet, Wallwisher (now renamed to Padlet), and Socrative.

Feb 10, 14

Pinterest board with great resources on the SAMR Model of Technology - created for teachers by Mrs. Malespina, the media specialist at South Orange (NJ) Middle School. 

Feb 10, 14

National Educational Technology Standards for Students from ISTE - what K-12 students should know and be able to do - adopted in 2007.

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