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Roberto Brenlla

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    OpenStreetMap es un mapa callejero gratuito de todo el mundo, creado por una siempre creciente comunidad de entusiastas de los mapas.


    Cualquiera puede editar OpenStreetMap. Aquí tu aprenderás cómo Learn OSM proporciona guías «paso a paso» fáciles de comprender, que te ayudarán a comenzar a contribuir, usar y acceder a los datos de OpenStreetMap.

  • Cyanogen OS is closely based on CyanogenMod and is mostly open source; however, as explained in this AndroidCentral comparison, Cyanogen OS adds some proprietary code, as do almost all Android vendors. Cyanogen OS is only available on phones that have licensed the OS and can't be downloaded from nightly builds, as can CyanogenMod. This also means it's slightly less bleeding edge than CyanogenMod, which usually taps the latest goodies from AOSP before they appear on major commercial Android phones.
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