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Boris Mann

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about 4 hours ago

If companies worth $1B are unicorns, what's a company that has raised a $1B+ round? I'm going with the term Galactus.
– Startup L. Jackson (StartupLJackson)

about 5 hours ago

It's ironic that during all the net neutrality fuss I've heard barely a peep about the gTLD heist:
– ಠ_ಠ Carter (crtr0)

about 6 hours ago

I think the part that bothers me the most about this @ftrain piece is where he apologizes for writing a think piece:
– Mathew Ingram (mathewi)

about 16 hours ago

It is, of course, an established tradition to stop at midway points during beard removal. Tonight: the Tony Stark.
– Dave Shea (mezzoblue)

about 20 hours ago

Sneak peek for @Jason a @twitter messenger w/auth/contacts/video chat #iOS #Android @trentjohnsen in da house @Launch
– Erik Lagerway (elagerway)

Feb 27, 15

The code for my @SlackHQ-Twitter client is up.
– Richard Eriksson (sillygwailo)
My Slack-as-3rd-party-Twitter-client project is now deployable to Heroku. Faving by starring in Slack works!
– Richard Eriksson (sillygwailo)

Feb 27, 15

So many mute filters:
– Parveen Kaler (kaler)

Feb 26, 15

I started out to just report a trivial issue in #golang docs and ended up rewriting a section of contribute,
– Lloyd Dewolf (lloyddewolf)

Feb 26, 15

Schweinfest for @Bmann. It's a happy meaty birthday!
– Kai (kaishinchu)

Feb 26, 15

11 Products That Make My Life Better: What are yours? #11products
– Brendan Baker (brendanbaker)

Feb 26, 15

Palmer version 0.1: AR touch interfaces
– H U M A N (IsHumanCo)

Feb 26, 15

Reminder: iQmetrix #YVR Open House - Thurs, March 5. Join us!
– iQmetrix (iQmetrix)

Feb 26, 15

From the hometown press! I still remember the first time I spoke with @gillianshaw...almost 6 years ago!
– Eric Migicovsky (ericmigi)

Feb 25, 15

Join me @TractionConf_io in #YVR on June 18, Canada's largest gathering of Growth Hackers:
– Ben Yoskovitz (byosko)

Feb 24, 15

Don't miss @unbounce's #CTAConf Sept. 13-15 in Vancouver! Get your ticket to learn actionable marketing insights:
– Sarah McCredie (sarahailish)

Feb 21, 15

From UI to UX – the journey to self-driving enterprise IT #ensw #diginomica
– diginomica (diginomica)

Feb 21, 15

I'm so happy to see the finished boardroom table I made at @BrewhouseTeam HQ, time to create on it!
– Kalvir Sandhu (kalv)

Feb 21, 15

blockchain id
– xnoɹǝʃ uɐıɹq (brianleroux)

Feb 20, 15

52% of English doesn't appear in dictionaries or other standard references #webstock
– Cory Doctorow (doctorow)

Feb 20, 15

"the suggested programs were rejected by health authorities" how is that the *last* step in an 800M database project?
– Matthew Smillie (notmatt)

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