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Boris Mann

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20 Apr 14

Thanks @bmann @kaishinchu @markbusse pho ramen night 'twas delicious @fullstackca
– Roland Tanglao (rtanglao)

19 Apr 14

Yesterday, @CNET reported that @Nike was leaving the hardware business behind - here's why -
– Bud Caddell (bud_caddell)

18 Apr 14

When you leave Twitter...
Good luck with the startup @mirceap @cgst!
– Paul Stamatiou (Stammy)

18 Apr 14

.@yildiz apparently there is no escape period.
– Jeremy Gordon (JeremySF)

15 Apr 14

Here's how the Semaphore Solutions team can work for you:
– Semaphore Solutions (s4software)

13 Apr 14

Shipping container popup stores in South Street Seaport
– Scott Beale (ScottBeale)

13 Apr 14

IMHO 6 yrs of "smartphones" and "tablets" is possibly heavier baggage. via @lukew ...on how much there is to unlearn
– Stephanie Rieger (stephanierieger)

10 Apr 14

omg @CityofVancouver is trying to select a city bird, and this happened:
– Landon (lightninglandon)

09 Apr 14

I am getting ready for some sweet @spotprawnfest action!
– Jonathan Chovancek (chefjonathanc)

08 Apr 14

If the mobile web is dead, why does Apple invest so much in having the fastest mobile web browser?
– Stefan Constantine (WhatTheBit)

08 Apr 14

Love this quote from @adam_baldwin: "Every new hire is a potentially unpatched set of vulnerabilities."
– Peter Saint-Andre (stpeter)

08 Apr 14

US Burns Through All High-Skill Visas For 2015 In Less Than A Week by @alex
– hermioneway (hermioneway)

07 Apr 14

Apple SVP of marketing Phil Schiller: Paying for social media monitoring tools is “nuts”
– Jay Yarow (jyarow)

03 Apr 14

Two of my cut paper sculptures @hotartwetcity. Voices From Another Room opens tonight at 7pm, and I…
– Rachael Ashe (RachaelAshe)

01 Apr 14

My adventures with mute filters.
– Allen Pike (apike)

28 Mar 14

My default resting face is just funky. It's called resting funk face, and I wish you'd respect that.
– Anil Dash (anildash)

27 Mar 14

14/Remember: for many legacy cos, IT = cost center. They only adopted the code. You were born in it, moulded by it.
– Balaji S. Srinivasan (balajis)

27 Mar 14

IRS rules: Buying a $2 coffee with Bitcoins bought for $1 would trigger $1 in capital gains for coffee drinker.
– Edward Adams (EdAdams)

26 Mar 14

Our design team @DenimAndSteel are working on how to best serve #YVR's startup community. Have an opinion?
– WeAreYVR (weareyvr)

26 Mar 14

5/summary: just updated my post on @Quora re @500Startups biz model, 2014 budget, acc costs, mgmt fees, events/conf:
– Dave McClure (davemcclure)

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