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Jun 21, 16

Gephart, Donna.
New York : Delacorte Press, 2016
IL 5-8, RL 4.6
ISBN 0553536745

Lily loves the feel of her mother's dress. But her father wants her to dress as Tim and act like a boy. How can she ever convince him that she is really a girl? Her mother and sister have accepted it but not her father. So when he sees Lily dressed up, he is furious. And the new boy on the block sees her as well. When school starts, the new boy, Norbert Dorfman, is confused to meet Tim. He was sure he had seen a girl who looked just like him. Lily befriends Norbert and nicknames him Dunkin because he is always drinking Dunkin' Donuts coffee. The two become friend but Dunkin is recruited to join the basketball team because of his height. These are the boys who are making Lily's life miserable. When Lily confides in Dunkin about her desire to live openly a a girl, will that change everything? And what is Dunkin hiding from everyone?

Jun 14, 16

McAllister, Cameron.
New York : Delacorte, 2016
IL 5-8, RL 6.4
ISBN 0553536389

Angelo's father is an automobile designer in Italy during 1940s and has a new car design showing at the Paris auto show. But Angelo accidentally crashes it. Now Angelo is determined to help hi father get back his reputation and design a car for the people. Together, they come up with a brand new concept. The "people's car" will be economical enough that just about everyone will be able to afford it and dependable enough that they will want to. But World War II breaks out and they must find a way to hide the car from the Germans so they cannot use the new technology. Join Angelo and his father as they take an old lawn mower and turn it into a revolutionary car design.

Jun 10, 16

DiCamillo, Kate.
Somerville, MA : Candlewick Press, 2016
IL 5-8, RL 4.2
ISBN 0763681172

Raymie Clarke is standing outside Ida Nee's waiting for her baton twirling lesson to begin. But what she doesn't know is that this will be the start of a new chapter in her life. She wants to learn to twirl the baton so she can enter the Little Miss Central Florida Tire 1975 competition since she believes that this will bring her father back. He ran away with a dental hygienist and now Raymie is miserable. Two other girls are there for the baton lesson as well. Beverly, a tough kid whose father is a cop, and Louisiana who passes out at the first lesson. What could these three possibly have in common? And will they ever learn to twirl the baton?

Jun 09, 16

Weatherford, Carole Boston.
New York : Atheneum Books for Young Readers, 2016
IL 5-8, RL 5.0
ISBN 1481449389

The story of the Tuskegee Airmen told in verse. These brave men were the first black military pilots in the United States. During a time when blacks were segregated, these men stepped forward and fulfilled their dream of flying and were eventually sent to fight for their country and for an opportunity to help break the color barrier.

Jun 08, 16

Waudby, Jeannie.
New York : Running Press Teens, 2015
ISBN 9780762457991

K lives in a group home and will soon be on her own as she ages out of the system. Her parents were killed in a bombing years ago. Then the unthinkable happens. On her way to school, another bomb explodes and she is caught in this one. She recovers but her life is about to take a dramatic turn. She falls for a young man who convinces her to infiltrate the Brotherhood, the plaid-wearing group that has been responsible for the bombings in the past. K is given a new identity and moves into the school with the Brotherhood. But what she finds is not what she expected. As she gets to know the teens in the Brotherhood, she becomes torn between the two groups. Who is on the right side? The Brotherhood or the Citizens?

Jun 07, 16

Vande Velde, Vivian.
New York : Boyds Mills Press. 2016
ISBN 1629794414

Have you ever done something and wished for a do-over? Maybe it was something embarrassing that you would love to erase! What would you do if you suddenly had the ability to do just that? Zoe isn't sure why she got the ability to turn back time but she knows it saved her best friend's life. And got her classified as crazy and now she is stuck in a group home. When she ducks into a bank to get out of the rain, she finds herself in a very bad situation. Should she use her ability to play back 23 minutes and change things? Or walk away? What if she makes things worse?

Jun 06, 16

Paulsen, Gary.
New York : Simon & Schuster Books, 2016
IL 3-6, RL 6.0
ISBN 1481452231

Six 8th grade boys are stuck in the boys' room during a weather lock down. Five of the boys have known each other for years but have not really taken the time to find out what makes each other tick. There is the class clown who spends many afternoons in detention; the hostile one; the brainy one, the big man on campus; the spaced out rocker dude and there is also the new kid who has just slept through his first day at the school. As the time passes during the lock down, the boys talk and find out much about each other.

Jun 05, 16

Palser, Barb.
New York : Compass Point Books, 2012
IL 5-8, RL 8.0
ISBN 075654517X

It seems that the news is all around us. On the television, radio, Internet and on lots of social media sites. How does the news get chosen? Lots of things happen that we don't hear about. Why do some things get the headlines and other things are never talked about? Find out about how reporters decide on what makes the news.

Jun 04, 16

O'Brien, Daniel.
New York : Crown Books, 2016
IL 5-8
ISBN 0553537482

Have you ever put together a sports fantasy dream team? Maybe you know just who to choose for quarterback or point guard or pitcher. But what if we were to ask you to put together a presidential fantasy dream team?? Who would you choose? George Washington? Abraham Lincoln? Who else? And what strengths do they bring to your team. Check out this book and see if you would agree with some of the dream team picks.

Jun 03, 16

Hautman, Pete.
New York : Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, 2015
IL 5-8, RL 6.8
ISBN 1481432516

Imagine sitting at your computer and then -- nothing. This is sort of what is going on in Flinkwater, Iowa, home of the largest manufacturer of Articulated Computerized Peripheral Devices. If you own a robot, chances are it came from Flinkwater. And now something is going terribly wrong with these devices. People who use them are turning into mental vegetables. Ginger Crump coins the expression that they are bonked. When her own father is bonked, Ginger sets out to find out what is going on. And as if people being bonked is not bad enough, throw in a talking dog and even a zombie.

Jun 02, 16

New York : Harper, 2015

Imagine a time on Earth where deadly mists cover the land, and all but the highest mountaintops are uninhabitable. In this world, the rich and powerful live in beautiful houses on the high ground, while the poor struggle to survive on the lower slopes. Poorest of all are the ones who must make their living by entering the mists to recover leftover scraps from the world that existed there before, to sell to the scrap merchants above. It is children who seem to be able to resist the poison of the mist longer than the adults, so into the mists they go to support their families…. Thirteen-year-old Chess and his crew of fellow children sail in a rickety air ship just above the mist, with Chess “diving” into the fog to retrieve items for sale. Thanks to the expertise of the crew and the fact that Chess seems to resist the poison of the mist more easily than anyone else, they run a fairly successful business. But things are changing---Mrs. E, the woman who has been the closest thing to a mother the crew has ever known, is becoming ill, and they must leave their usual hunting grounds to find a cure for her. Maybe even worse, the powerful Lord Kodoc has taken notice of Chess’s abilities---and seems determined to make him a captive. Will Chess and the crew manage to evade the powerful warships of Lord Kodoc in time to find a cure for Mrs. E? If you like non-stop action and wonderful characters who inhabit a fully imagined world, you will love The Fog Diver. (Booktalk by the New Hampshire Great Stone Face committee)

Jun 01, 16

Pennypacker, Sara. PAX
New York : Balzer + Bray, 2016
IL 3-6, RL 5.7
ISBN 0062377019
Pax is the word for peace in Latin. Through the ancient and modern world, the word pax has many associations. In this book, Pax is the name given to an orphaned fox kit adopted by a boy named Peter. In the beginning of the story, Peter is made to return the tame fox to the wild because his father has enlisted in the military. Peter is sent to live with his grandfather 300 miles away. As soon as he arrives, Peter knows his place is with Pax. So instead of starting at his new school at his grandfather’s house, Peter packs his backpack for the long journey back to find Pax. Meanwhile, Pax is learning the ways of the wild the forest. Can Peter find his way back to Pax in a land where war is breaking out? With the help of a new friend, Peter may just discover the way that leads to Pax. (Booktalk by New Hampshire Great Stone Face Committee)

May 31, 16

Bauer, Joan. SOAR
New York : Viking, 2016
IL 5-8, RL 4.0
ISBN 0451470346

Jeremiah is a huge baseball fan. Nobody knows his exact birth date or who his mother is. He was nine months old when he was found sitting in his baby chair chewing on a stuffed eagle in the snack room of Computer Partners Ltd. A note was left that said: “pleez tek car of him Bcaz he my best boy I know yur good!” Jeremiah was found by Walt Lopper a computer engineer with a heart as big as his brain. Walt eventually adopted Jeremiah. When Jeremiah was eight years old he was diagnosed with a serious heart condition that would lead to a heart transplant. Jeremiah had to give up playing baseball but not the game he loves. A new consulting job takes Jeremiah and Walter to Hillcrest, Ohio home of the champion Hornets High School baseball team. Soon after Jeremiah arrives in Hillcrest, tragedy and scandal threaten the future of baseball in the town. Join Jeremiah and his new friends on this page turning adventure to bring baseball back to Hillcrest and make the newly formed Hillcrest Junior High Eagles baseball team soar! (Booktalk by the NH Great Stone Face Committee)

May 30, 16

New York : Aladdin, 2015
IL 5-8, RL 5.0
ISBN 1481446517

“I found it. “Master Benedict said he wasn’t the least bit surprised. According to him, there were several times over the past three years when he was sure I’d finally discovered it. Yet it wasn’t until the day before my 14th birthday that it came to me so clearly, I thought God himself had whispered it in my ear. “My master believes occasions like this should be remembered. So, as he ordered, I’ve written down my formula. My master suggested the title. The Stupidest Idea in the Universe By Christopher Rowe, Apprentice to Master Benedict Blackthorn, Apothecary Method of manufacture: Snoop through your master’s private notes. Find a recipe, its words locked behind a secret code, and decipher it. Next, steal the needed ingredients from your master’s stores. Finally— and this is the most important step— go to your best friend, a boy of stout character and poor judgment equal to your own, and speak these words: Let’s build a canon.” Christopher Rowe rather enjoys his life as an Apothecary’s apprentice, uncovering the mysteries of different items and chemicals, and finding plenty of mischief along the way. But when a series of murders across the city strikes too close to home, Christopher is drawn into a world of cults and puzzles, and must use all his training to solve his master’s secrets… and possibly save the world. (Booktalk by the New Hampshire Great Stone Face Committee)

May 29, 16

Jamieson. Victoria. ROLLER GIRL
Dial Books for Young Readers, 2015

Ladies and Gentlemen! Your roller derby skaters tonight are: Thrilla Godzilla, Illegally Blonde, Rainbow Bite, Napoleon Blownapart, Braidy Punch, Slay Miserables, and… Astrid. Astrid is looking forward to another summer spent with her best friend, Nicole. They’ve done everything together since 1st grade. But when Astrid signs up for Roller Derby Camp, expecting Nicole to join her, she’s in for a shock. Nicole is already signed up for dance camp, along with their grade’s mean girl, and seems more interested in boys than skates. Now, Astrid faces a long summer of drills, training, bruises & falls, all without her best friend. But as the weeks go by, Astrid learns how not to fall over (usually), how to make a proper war face, and even makes a new friend. But former-best-friend drama and a summer of secrets from her mom catch up, and now Astrid must decide what she wants, and WHO she wants to be. (Booktalk by Great Stone Face Award Committee, 2017)

May 28, 16

New York : Random House, 2015
IL 3-6, RL 5.4
ISBN 0385387962
Abandoned after his ship is crushed by a flash-frozen sea, Shen finds himself alone on the ice with only 66 sweater-clad pugs. Determined to get himself AND all the dogs to safety, Shen finds shelter in a small seaside village, where a girl named Sika explains everything. True Winter, she tells him, comes only once in a lifetime, and signals the start of The Great Northern Race, where competitors try to reach the Snowfather, who will grant the winner one wish. Sika has her grandfather's sled but no dogs, so the two join forces, harness all 66 pugs, and set off. They face a monstrous Kraken, a Yeti noodle bar that is not what it seems, and a range of competitors with different strategies for winning the race… including cheating. Can our two heroes survive? What wish do they want granted? And can pugs really win an epic race across the frozen north? Find out, in Pugs of the Frozen North! (Booktalk by New Hampshire Great Stone Face committee)

May 27, 16

New York : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2015
IL 3-6, RL 6.4
ISBN 0544534328
Wedged between a goat who nibbles at her braid and a cage full of pecking geese, ten-year-old Inge Maria Jensen is traveling by boat from Copenhagen to the Danish island of Bornholm. It’s 1911. Her mother has died, and she is headed to live with a grandmother she has never met. When Inge arrives, the island is not at all like the bustling city she grew up in, and her stern grandmother seems nothing like her lively, loving mother. Life is quiet, filled with chores and boring visits with grumpy old neighbors. Even worse is her new school, where there’s no fun to be had, not even in music or at recess. She seeks solace in her beloved book of Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales. But even in her grief, Inge Maria is curious about her new surroundings and isn’t able to contain her inner joy and zest for life, which sometimes causes her trouble. How was she to know she shouldn’t feed her grandmother’s pig prunes? And how could she stop herself from leaving her seat and hopping like a bunny when she was carried away by the song in music class? Perhaps Inge is just what the island of Bornholm needs. Filled with humor, love, and acceptance, this gem of a book begs to be read aloud, and the spunky character of Inge is one all readers will long remember. (Booktalk by the New Hampshire Great Stone Face committee)

May 27, 16

New York : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2015
IL 3-6, RL 6.1
ISBN 0544332172
If you were a cow, you'd be better off living with Old MacDonald, or in the dell with the farmer and his wife–anywhere else but in the Baxter brothers' barn! The animals who do live in Baxters' barn are snug and happy until they learn from Burdock the one-eyed cat that Dewey, one of the brothers, is planning something terrible, something that puts them all in danger. Together they must come up with a way to escape the barn.
Can Burdock, Figgy Piggy, Nanny the goat and her kid, Fluff the sheep, Mrs. Brown the cow, and the two draft horses Pull and Tug work together? Can they get out of the locked barn in time? The tension mounts as Dewey sets his plan in motion and each animal is forced to find its inner strength. Their fear is palpable, but so is the coziness of the barn with the rain on the roof and smell of hay and old wood. When they must leave, will they be ready? (Booktalk by New Hampshire Great Stone Face committee)

May 25, 16

Graff, Lisa. LOST IN THE SUN
New York : Philomel Books, 2015

When Trent was in fifth grade a terrible accident occurred. Sixth grade in a new school will be a new start for him. Despite a new year, anger issues and guilty feelings are making Trent act horribly. He pushes everyone in his life away, he doesn’t want anyone to like him. How can he have a nice life when that other boy died? (Booktalk by the New Hampshire Great Stone Face Committee)

May 24, 16

Castle Hangnail by Ursula Vernon

Castle Hangnail has a vacancy. It is in need of a wicked witch. Molly applies for the position. She is twelve years old and very polite. Polite!! Wicked witches need to be evil, rude and demanding. Molly does not look like witch material, but Castle Hangnail needs a new master right now. A castle with no master will be decommissioned and the castle minions will have no home. Maybe, with the minions help, Molly will fit the bill.

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