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about 20 hours ago

Tijdens deze presentatie heb ik verteld en laten zien hoe we vanuit het idee van Catawiki gegroeid zijn naar een site waar al meer dan 50.000 mensen lid van zijn geworden, waar inmiddels al bijna 1.5 miljoen items door gebruikers zijn toegevoegd aan onze catalogus en waar al meer dan 3 miljoen verzamelobjecten worden aangeboden op onze marktplaats.

Oct 05, 15

Job titles are important because they describe what we do, which shapes our identity and guides our activity. It’s important that job titles are rational and make sense. If they don’t, it causes confusion and stress for individuals, teams and organizations.
This is why I have a problem with using the term “DevOps” in job titles. This is becoming more and more prevalent in our industry, mainly for self- promotional and recruiting reasons. DevOps is hot… and therefore marketable.

Oct 04, 15

When we began the development of our new Online Shop, we chose a distributed, vertical-style architecture at an early stage of the process. Our experience with our previous system showed us that a monolithic architecture does not satisfy the constantly emerging requirements. Growing volumes of data, increasing loads and the need to scale the organization, all of these forced us to rethink our approach.

Therefore, this article will describe the solution that we chose, and explain the reasons behind our choice.

Oct 02, 15

U2F is an open authentication standard that enables internet users to securely access any number of online services, with one single device, instantly and with no drivers or client software needed

Sep 29, 15

Files for the Docker & Consul workshop @

Sep 27, 15

Deployment automation and lifecycle management of a Java application deployed on Tomcat Servers with Nginx for load balancing and MySQL for the database.

Sep 27, 15

... if you need to go a bit further in your infrastructure deployment, I recommend that you start using Docker to get familiar with this handy DevOps tool. I hope that this tutorial will lead you on the appropriate tracks.

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