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about 10 hours ago

A very cheap 1090MHz antenna

Feb 07, 16

Virtual Radar Server is an open-source .NET application that runs a local web server. You can connect to the web server with any modern browser and see the positions of aircraft on a Google Maps map.

Feb 06, 16

Instructies om een hybrid double quad array antenne te maken.

Feb 06, 16

I made a biquad antenna out of a turkey roasting pan and a coat hanger. Mounted my RTL dongle on the back, waterproofed it with liquid electrical tape, then strapped it to my balcony facing north. From there ran the USB cable inside to RPi. (FR24 forum-user jb_bak)

Feb 06, 16

There’s one server setup mistake you can make that will screw you up for years to come. It’ll haunt your business, your developers and your server admins, and be hugely expensive to fix. It’s surprisingly easy to make. The mistake?

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