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Mar 01, 15

Until recently I was not able to clearly articulate what DevOps is. Then one day, when trying to describe what we are building at Nirmata to an investor, I said something to the effect of, "its all about enabling developers to perform operations, using automation". That made sense to them; and, I've since started using the following definition for DevOps:

Developers doing Operations using Automation

Feb 28, 15

My personal scripts to setup a new OSX

These are just my personal scripts to help me setup a new osx machine.

Feb 26, 15

dashing-nagios is a widget for Shopify's dashing framework to display Nagios warning and error counts

Feb 26, 15

The Shutl engineering team has been operating with a DevOps mentality for over two years. We started by rebuilding our infrastructure under Chef and embedding our operations engineers into our agile product development process.

We made great progress and saw a big improvement in delivery and quality as all team members were responsible for getting things live and ensuring their long-term maintainability. But… we still had a silo. Only a few of our team were doing the lion’s share of the work when it came to maintaining our infrastructure, and on-call duties were shared by just a small number of people.

Over the past six months, we’ve changed that. So, rather than extol the virtues of this approach – there are plenty of articles doing that! – we thought we’d share some of the steps we took to make every engineer a DevOps engineer.

Feb 26, 15

My collection of monitoring plugins for Nagios and similar monitoring systems.

Feb 24, 15

A simple script to backup Gitlab data. This script will backup the $gitlab_home/tmp/backups of your gitlab installation to a remote host if configured.

Feb 23, 15

Ansible playbooks I am using to get to know Ansible with - not meant for best practice or production, simply testing different options out

Feb 23, 15

During the #vDM30in30 challenge I started playing with Ansible. I was curious about is the ability for Ansible to provision virtual machines to vCenter

Feb 23, 15

After some testing I now have a complete setup for interacting Packer with vSphere.
My parameters here are for testing hence the small disk, tiny kickstart etc. Use it as your base for further enhancements/testing.

Feb 22, 15

Finally I found some time to investigate running Jenkins in a Docker container. There is an Official Jenkins Repository on the Docker Hub so I started by pulling the latest version

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