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Jul 18, 16

"Depcon makes managing clusters that run docker containers a breeze. It offers the ability to define environments such as test, pre-prod, production against clusters supporting Apache Mesos & Marathon (current release), Kubernetes and Amazon ECS. Depcon also provides a zero downtime deployments for Marathon known as Blue-Green."

Jul 18, 16

Mount NFS v3/4, AWS EFS or CIFS inside your docker containers. This is a docker plugin which enables these volume types to be directly mounted within a container.

Jul 17, 16

Kong is an interesting looking proxy built atop Nginx, but exposing configuration via a simple HTTP API and allowing for a set of pre-existing plugins to be added to individual routes.

Jul 17, 16

A practical guide on using Docker on VMware’s vSphere Integrated Container (VIC). For those running a VMware stack, this looks like a great way to integrate containers.

Jul 17, 16

Rotating backup script based on rsync with support for BTRFS/ZFS snapshots

Jul 16, 16

Marp is the simplest presentation writer with Markdown.

Create slides with Markdown
Live preview with 3 modes
Theme supports (Default & Gaia theme)
Export slides as PDF!

Jul 12, 16

The secure copy feature in iTerm2 is invoked by right-clicking on a filename while ssh'ed to a remote host and selecting Download with scp from hostname. It is also invoked by dragging a file onto the terminal while holding option and dropping it into a part of the terminal after a shell prompt of the remote host appears.

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