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18 Apr 14

Cockpit is a server manager that makes it easy to administer your GNU/Linux servers via a web browser.

18 Apr 14

I frequently spin up fresh Rackspace Private Cloud environments, and it is much more convenient to have all the steps within the Vagrantfile so you can run vagrant up, go make a sandwich, and come back to a multi-node Rackspace Private Cloud environment. Below are a handful of Vagrantfiles to do just this.

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18 Apr 14

Exploring the remains of La Chemin de Fer de Ceinture, Paris.
The orbital railway within the old city walls which never fulfilled its builders' hopes.

The photos presented are of the sections so far explored. It is a work in progress.
Also included is a look at the remains of the Ligne d'Auteuil, where separate from the Petite Ceinture.
The Champs de Mars branch will be covered as well, eventually.

17 Apr 14

Petite Ceinture ("Little Belt" in English).
Via BBC:

16 Apr 14

In deze sectie vindt u documentatie voor de installatie en configuratie van OpenStack.

16 Apr 14

libguestfs, library and tools for accessing and modifying VM disk images

16 Apr 14

The virt-builder tool lets you create new virtual machines in just a few seconds. We take a first look at the brand new tool.

14 Apr 14

"In this post, we are going to show you how to cluster OpenStack Havana in a minimal node setup with 2 controllers and one compute node. Our controllers will be running all OpenStack services, as well as clustered RabbitMQ and MySQL. A third node will have a mandatory Galera Arbitrator (garbd) colocated with a ClusterControl server. The third node can also serve as an OpenStack compute node."

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