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29 Jun 12

"Announcing the availability of the WebSphere Application Server V8.5-Liberty Profile Plugin V1.0 for Web Application Pattern Tech Preview. This is a new pattern type provided as a Technology Preview for the IBM Workload Deployer platform that allows applications to be targeted at a WebSphere Application Server V8.5 Liberty Profile Server when provisioning into a cloud-based environment. The WebSphere Application Server V8.5 Liberty Profile delivers a simplified and lightweight application-serving environment. Its incredibly fast restart time, small size, dynamic behavior, and ease of use, makes it a great option for developers building web applications that do not require the full Java EE environment of traditional enterprise application server profiles."

22 Jun 12

"In this video, we see The liberty profile running a web front end which interfaces with Really Small Message Broker (RSMB) to ultimately monitor and control devices that are 50 miles away on the Isle of Wight."

12 Mar 12

"The latest version of WebSphere Application Server (WAS), V8.5 Beta - Liberty Profile, is now available via free download.  If you think you already know WAS, this version may surprise you.  The WAS V8.5 Beta - Liberty Profile, is small, fast and free, because you told us that’s what you wanted."    

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