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about 11 hours ago

"Not yet a year old, Apple's programming language is already earning plaudits for its feature set and ease of use"

Apr 17, 15

"First, on the Hugo and Nebula (and all other) awards given out in science fiction. Do they have problems? Yes, they all do. For a variety of reasons, the awards no longer have much connection to the Big Wide World of science fiction and fantasy readers. Thirty and forty years ago, they did. Today, they don’t."

Apr 17, 15

"Microsoft is shuttering its three-year old Microsoft Open Technologies subsidiary, which the company originally created to "advance Microsoft's investment in openness including interoperability, open standards and open source.""

Apr 16, 15

"This tutorial will show you how to start an Xcode project to build an iPhone app with a tab bar along the bottom of the screen."

Apr 08, 15

"Apple released iOS 8.3 today with several bug fixes and a few new additions and you can update now by going to Software Update on your iOS devices."

Apr 07, 15

"Microsoft's open-sourcing of server-side .Net technologies is a big step for the longtime king of proprietary desktop software. But the move itself is of limited impact, and .Net has a long way to go to catch up to open source Java, observers agree. "

Apr 05, 15

"The Karatsuba algorithm was the first multiplication algorithm asymptotically faster than the quadratic "grade school" algorithm. The Toom–Cook algorithm is a faster generalization of Karatsuba's method, and the Schönhage–Strassen algorithm is even faster, for sufficiently large n."

Apr 05, 15

"The U.S. widened its lead in mobile patents last year and IBM took the top spot in new patents granted in that space, according to a report this week that analyzed data from both the U.S. and Europe."

Apr 05, 15

"A second wave of mobile enterprise Relevant Products/Services apps from IBM and Apple puts a focus on the healthcare industry, with new tools for hospital nurses and home care service professionals. Other new MobileFirst apps are designed for industrial, retail, insurance and airline users. "

Apr 03, 15

"This article lists all built-in Swift functions – both documented and undocumented ones. The definition used for “built-in function” used in this article is a function available in Swift without importing any modules (such as Foundation, etc.) or referencing any classes."

Apr 03, 15

"So what went wrong? In their closing statement, the Nebula management team said, “the market will likely take another several years to mature. As a venture backed start up, we did not have the resources to wait.” As for their customers, support has ended immediately. The company recommends that its former customers turn to “OpenStack products from vendors including Red Hat, IBM, HP and others.”"

Apr 03, 15

"The report, “Listening to the Customer: 7 New Research Findings,” conducted in partnership with eConsultancy, found that while nearly 90 percent of marketers understand the importance of personalization in the customer experience, nearly 80 percent of consumers feel the average brand doesn’t understand them as an individual."

Apr 03, 15

"The BBC mini-series “Wolf Hall,” beginning on Sunday night on PBS, is a historical drama of conspicuous quality, like one of the shimmering tapestries hanging in the castles where its 16th-century power players hatch their schemes."

Apr 01, 15

"If you have not started to develop apps for Apple Watch yet, or are new to the game like everybody else, these are the top 7 ways to start developing for Apple Watch"

Mar 23, 15

"Several people have asked me for advice about education and training in Analytics and Data Science, so I wrote this article. For our purpose here, I include Analytics, Data Mining, and Data Science degree program, certificate, training, and certification programs. This information is readily available on the internet, but I have picked some of my favorites here–so the list is not all inclusive. I am not affiliate with any of these programs other than as a guest speaker."

Mar 10, 15

"Without apps, the Apple Watch is nothing more than a glorified timepiece. Here's every app we know of coming to the device."

Mar 10, 15

"Since its inception, the main focus of the STIX font project has been the creation and maintenance of a world-class math font suitable for use in scientific and technical publishing."

Mar 06, 15

"After the vicious early days when the world of Web browsers closely resembled the ruthless world of the railroad barons a century earlier, the browser market settled down to something pretty boring. First there was IE and Firefox. A few years later, Apple introduced Safari. Several years after that, Google launched Chrome. And since Chrome arrived in 2008, the Web hasn't seen another major browser launch—until now."

Mar 05, 15

"Few technologies have generated more attention than virtual reality, which promises to immerse people in 3-D games and video. Yet for the last couple of years, the companies building virtual reality headsets have begged for patience from content creators and the public. The companies’ biggest concern: that unpolished virtual reality products could make people physically sick."

Mar 05, 15

"When creating new mobile applications, developers all too often forget taking the few additional steps to make their programs usable for those with disabilities. Now, IBM offers a free testing tool to ensure mobile applications are useable to the one billion people worldwide with disabilities, such as people with visual or auditory impairments. The checks are also good for ensuring the app can be used by the world’s growing elderly population."

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