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  • urant, a law firm, or a child care center, you most likely understand the importance of networking. Since the invention of social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter, it has never been easier for business owners to get their brand o
Mar 03, 15

Selling or buying a house takes a lot of work. It can be quite overwhelming for inexperienced homeowners. Thankfully, there are companies who are dedicated to making real estate-related transactions as quick and as easy as possible.

Here’s a video of another couple who were “pleasantly surprised” of the DK team’s extraordinary services.

The Daryl King team helped sell the house of Macey and Joe for over its original asking price. They couldn’t be any happier that Daryl King and his team exceeded the couple’s expectation.

Now, when clients are happy, they are more than willing to recommend the company to their friends and family. This is why Macey and Joe recommended the DK team to Viktor and Susette, their neighbors.

After Viktor and Susette called the office of Daryl King, the team went on to look at their property. The DK guys then worked their magic, and after four days, the house was sold for over $116,000 CAD.

Viktor and Susette only have positive feedback for Daryl King and his team. They are even recommending the company to those who are looking to move, as the DK team is sure to look after their interest and be there for their clients.

Aug 08, 12

If you are looking for quality bollards then Shug is your man. All bollards are super strong and come with 15 year guarantee.

Jun 14, 12

Wondering what is an electronic notary? An electronic notary, which is also known as an e-notary or eNotary, is a notary public who is authorized to perform notarization on electronic documents.

Jun 13, 12

Did you know that according to the Opinion Research Corporation, 84% of Americans say online reviews and verification have an influence on their decision to purchase a service?

Jun 12, 12

Applicants need to choose from the two kinds of notary public commissions offered by the State: the Traditional and Electronic Notary Public.

Jun 12, 12

How much do I charge for each notarial act? As a first time notary public, these are the kind of questions you will be asking on your first day.

Jun 08, 12

Are you asking yourself what is a Notary Signing Agent? Whenever you need someone to facilitate a mortgage closing, a Notary Signing Agent is the one who is specially trained to handle that paperwork.

Jun 07, 12

So you are wondering what is a notarized document?

Jun 07, 12

Before me, a notary public in and for the said County and State, personally appeared the above named (Signer’s Name) who acknowledged that he/she did sign the foregoing instrument and that the same is his/her free and voluntary act and deed.

Jun 05, 12

If you meet all the required qualifications to become a California notary public, you can then proceed with the application. You have to complete the approved six-hour notary course

Jun 01, 12

Notary public application in Florida is quite different from other States because the Notary Commissions and Certifications Section does not accept or distribute application forms.

May 31, 12

Almost all classes consist of seminars and sample tests, while others include a study guide book, notary supplies, notary blog, and other materials that will help you get started as a notary public.

May 23, 12

Normally, your Secretary of State’s Office requires that you obtain the notary supplies right before you apply for an appointment.

May 22, 12

The apostille was created to do away with the trouble of going through four separate authorities to certify a document.

May 21, 12

Offer a lower price with the reason of pushing inventory to pay a tax bill, for your kid’s’ braces, or another tangible reason. Customers love that this makes you feel so much more human.

May 21, 12

Anyways, enough about that, let’s jump into the blogosphere (I guess that’s what the “cool kids” are calling it these days).

May 21, 12

This provides a solid link to your blog, which Google values, and an easy way for people who find you on FindNotary to access you and see what your business is all about. These people want to find a notary so help make it as easy as possible.

May 18, 12

Have you created a Facebook Page to promote your notary business? Whether you have your own office, several offices, or work at home, this is a great idea.

May 18, 12

Here are the four steps to claim your profile so you can start promoting your business!

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