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Feb 25, 15

My son comes by my nerdiness pretty honestly but the one thing that drives me crazy is that he does not care about sports or exercise at all.
When I was a kid I loved sports and as I got older working out at the gym. Of course there are a lot of ...

Feb 19, 15

We all see all of the colors of the vegetables when we go to the grocery store, but do you know what vitamins, minerals and other nutrients are in the vegetables that we eat base on the color of the vegetable? Here is a list of all of the colors and the nutrients that those colors provide.

More Color More Health

Growing up you may have been told to eat your greens, but what about your reds, oranges, yellows and blues? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the 5 A Day Partnership encourages YOU to “Sample the Spectrum” of the colorful vegetables and fruit available this season. By putting something of every color on your plate or in your lunch bag, you are more likely to eat the 5 to 9 recommended servings of vegetables and fruit every day. Just think: 1 cup of dark, leafy GREENS, ½ cup of RED tomatoes, ½ cup of YELLOW peppers, 6 oz. ORANGE juice and ½ cup of BLUEberries. And you have 5 A Day! It’s quite simple when you Sample the Spectrum.
We all see all of the colors of the vegetables when we go to the grocery store, but do you know what vitamins, minerals and other nutrients are in the vegetables that we eat base on the color of the vegetable?
Here is a list of all of the colors ...

Feb 19, 15

I don’t know why I keep noticing these detoxing articles although today I do.
I made a turkey for the first time this weekend and messed up making the gravy. After a few hours of suffering from all the fat in the gravy I have come to the sudden r ...

Feb 19, 15

Recently I ran across a product called Panic Away which is supposed to help those suffering from panic and anxiety. Only someone who has suffered a panic attack knows how frightening it can be.  This anxiety disorder is difficult to understand, ...

Feb 16, 15

With kids in the house and priorities everywhere I decided that this year the only way that I would be able to get workouts in would be to keep them short and increase the intensity. Here were my thoughts on the perfect workout for me.
I am not ...

Feb 16, 15

Well I have to preface this post with a warning that what I am about to write about is a high fat high calories snack that anyone trying lose will want to always avoid.
Okay, Peanuts and raisins.
This is a great snack for people that have ...

Feb 16, 15

When you take a look at the foods you can eat and compare it to those on this page you will see that the difference is in the state of the food.
Allowable foods on the Paleo Diet are in a natural form while the others are all artificial and have ...

Feb 16, 15

Smoking withdrawal symptoms can be difficult to live through, both for the quitting smoker and for anybody close to them.
When we take the long term view, it is clear that quitting is a very positive thing to do, but the first few days or weeks ...

Feb 16, 15

Breads and Vegetables? What do these have in common? Not much. The reason that we want to consider these two staples of a diet is for opposite reasons.
Are All Carbohydrates bad?
Breads are a nightmare for many people trying to cut down on the ...

Feb 14, 15

The secret of how to lose weight fast is to make small changes. I give you lots of easy ways to simply lose weight quickly and easily with little effort
I have had lists of how to lose weight fast tips before but this is by far the largest list with 101 weight loss tips that I have ever done. I have also linked to other pages on this site to give you even more info.
It is one thing to look at ...

Feb 14, 15

Back pain is often temporary. You pull a muscle, exercise improperly, suffer from poor posture or in some other way cause stress and strain on your back.
The pain may last for a few hours, and then go away entirely. But studies have shown that ...

Feb 13, 15

For those seeking ab fitness to tone, firm, or lose around the midsection, abs are one of the hardest areas to workout.
Due to the fact that many people do not work them out properly, and also that it is an area of the body which is prone to ...

Feb 12, 15

A few times now I have run into a similar, actually exact, Miracle Foot Soak image and idea on Pintereest that promises to get rid of the bad calluses on my feet so I thought I would give it a shot.
The idea is to mix one part Vinegar, one part ...

Feb 12, 15

I have talked about this many times before but I am sure it has not reached enough people yet. I watch TV, I read web pages,  I follow movies and news but mostly I try to act.
There is an insatiable desire, a longing in all of us to do. The ...

Feb 07, 15

How can you be lazy and get in shape? Everyone that wants to get started, or is scared to get started working out and changing their diet to become more healthy thinks that it is a giant change in your life.
I would like to warn you not to make ...

Feb 05, 15

Belief drives everything and has pushed the boundaries of all of us on earth to create what we see.
Nothing can be done without belief that someone could do it. No lights, no internet, no cars, and not even any houses.
And this belief is the ...

Feb 04, 15

I liked to drink a Coke every day but a couple yeas ago quit althgother with no effect of coca cola avoidance at all. You may have heard that if you drink one can of Coke everyday and you take that out of your diet then you will lose one pound ...

Feb 03, 15

We all see the magazine cover, the pictures on Facebook, the bodies at work or in the gym.
It can all seem impossible to achieve
There always seems to be too far to go, and to many weights to lift, and to many miles to run.
But ALWAYS remember. ...

Feb 02, 15

Everything that we mean to do and the dreams that we try to achieve can be tough.
The real achievement of anything difficult tends not to happen day by day and inch by inch but instead we often do not see results quickly at first but later we ...

Jan 31, 15

I have had a bit of a sweet tooth the last few days as I try to detox from all the Christmas junk. I have been doing pretty good.
My wife found the following recipe for a type of cereal bar, I really like cereal bars so I was looking forward to ...

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