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Bill Genereux

Bill Genereux's Public Library

Apr 19, 15

A friend of mine posted this on Twitter: I really respect the amount of self-awareness it takes to ask that question! It's easy to disavow the trolls sending rape and death threats, but it takes mu...

Apr 19, 15

Create problems and then offer solutions We continue with the analyzing of Media (il)literacy within South-East Europe having in mind that having illiterate (media kind of) people within the area is blessing for the politicians. “I know, it is true, it was reported in the media“, people usually say in reference to the content of […]

Apr 18, 15

Chances are, Millennials are a significant part of your team now. Do you really understand what makes them tick?

Apr 18, 15

A new open-source tool can periodically scan for rogue Wi-Fi access points and alert network administrators if they're found.

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