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Rhondda Powling

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Apr 23, 15

No one who is part of this new movement believes all kids should grow up to be programmers. We believe it would be a beautiful outcome if all kids grew up knowing how to use computers to enhance their natural abilities, whatever those are, and grew up with the confidence to be "makers" instead of just consumers. Computer programming is ultimately about problem solving and creating. "Thinking like a computer scientist" really means understanding what problem you are facing and breaking down that problem into solvable chunks. The better you get at recognizing the problem the more efficient your solutions become."

Apr 23, 15

"Extraordinary School for Boys: helping boys love literacy
After fresh reports of the widening gender gap in the classroom, Gareth Malone tells how he helped some pupils to learn to love literacy .

Apr 22, 15

Reading Australia has been developed by the Copyright Agency and aims to make significant Australian literary works more readily available for teaching in schools and universities. These works are supplemented with online teacher resources and essays by popular authors about the enduring relevance of the works.
There is a list of titles (download as a PDF). These titles have been selected by the Australian Society of Authors’ (ASA) Council. They were asked to select works they thought students and others should encounter, to give a view of Australia’s rich cultural identity: works that would tell Australia’s history and also how we are currently developing as a nation. The ASA Council are adamant that this list should be merely the beginning, and it should be built upon with other works that have already been published, as well as the great new works that continue to be published in Australia.
There is a wide range of teacher resources available (PDF) for Primary and Secondary school teachers and all of these teacher resources include classroom activities, assessments and links to the Australian Curriculum. In addition, many of the Secondary resources include an introductory essay on the text written by high profile writers. The Primary level resources have been commissioned by the Primary English Teaching Association of Australia and the Australian Literacy Educators' Association, and the resources for Secondary level have been jointly commissioned by the Australian Association for the Teaching of English and the English Teachers Association NSW."

Apr 15, 15

This Is What A 1915 Military Hospital Looks Like Now. “Then and now” photos show the WWI military hospital on the Greek island of Lemnos, where nurses treated Anzac soldiers injured at Gallipoli.
This set of 16 images (the current day colour photos overlaid with the 1915 black and white shots) are part of an exhibition on display at the State Library of NSW

Apr 11, 15

"Bloom’s and Gardner’s Writing Matrix for Years 3/4/5" This writing matrix is directly linked to blooms taxonomy and Gardner’s multiple intelligences. It includes a wide range of writing activities

Apr 11, 15

An explanation of a method that can assist writers with organising their stories. A scene list is just that - a list of scenes - created in an excel spreadsheet."

Apr 11, 15

A useful list for writers. "Persuasive writers use words to convince the reader to listen or to act. 
This is a list of words found originally in an article called "Common words that suck emotional power out of your content' by John Gregory Olson. He explains how words have emotions attached to them, and that you should choose the correct ones for the response you want to elicit from your reader."

Apr 11, 15

Infographic. "Jane Friedman, a former publisher of Writer's Digest, has created a useful infographic to help writers understand some of the different ways for getting published. She has divided the various models into five potential publishing paths, outlining the pros and cons of each."

Apr 11, 15

YouTube: Shakespeare's Globe Theatre London; Walking tour guide to the Globe Theatre

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