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Rhondda Powling

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24 Apr 14

Article discussing the National Literacy Trust Research findings. "Books aren’t cool — or so a growing number of children seem to think. A report just published by the National Literacy Trust reveals "children are spending less of their own time reading and are increasingly embarrassed to be seen reading". According to the report, "children who do not think 'reading is cool' are four times more likely to be below average readers"."

23 Apr 14

"the Gates Foundation released a report surveying 3,100+ teachers (and 1,250+ students) on what they want from digital instructional tools. The report, entitled "Teachers Know Best: What Educators Want From Digital Instructional Tools," suggests that while many teachers support tech, only 55% of teachers reported available resources sufficient in helping students meet college- and career-ready standards. Educators also spoke to four instructional areas that lack usable digital tools..."

02 Apr 14

Useful list with good descriptions about what the strengths of each are and how they might be used in education

02 Apr 14

Available for Android tablets after being an ipad app, it allows you to create multimedia e-books. You import or record videos, type some text, import and resize pictures and work out the layout you want for your pages. E-books created using Book Creator can be shared with others via Google Drive, emailed, or put onto Google Play books.

02 Apr 14

An audio recording and editing tool. It is included in Next Vista's list of recommended tools. Use TwistedWave to create and edit spoken audio recordings from scratch. The completed tracks can be exported to Google Drive and SoundCloud.

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