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Engelbert Tejeda

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about 5 hours ago

gls*winbind delete user
kwd:{"Now resolved, this worked for me:

Cleared all Winbind caches and flushed Net cache, remember to take a backup before deleting anything!

Stop the Winbind and Samba services:

service winbind stop
service smb stop
Clear the Samba Net cache:

net cache flush
Delete the Winbind caches:

rm –f /var/lib/samba/*.tdb
rm –f /var/lib/samba/group_mapping.ldb
Start the Samba and then Winbind services - Note: The order is important

service smb start
service winbind start
Test it by trying to resolve a user."

Mar 28, 15

kwd:{caching an LDAP lookup on virtualhosts does not work in Apache versions < 2.2.16

Mar 28, 15

kwd:{"manage an openldap database - using ldapmodify and ldapadd commands."
kwd:{cache LDAP lookups (do you really want every link you ever click/every AJAX request you ever do to put a request through to your LDAP server

Mar 28, 15

gls*"certificate authority" "openssl req -new"

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