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about 8 hours ago

gls*get ntp server linux
kwd:{" ntpq -p"

about 24 hours ago

gls*"Netgear Powerline 1200" "backups"
kwd:{In all cases, the device gets hot, the device drops packets, the device is highly dependent on where you plug in it... just not reliable at all.

Oct 05, 15

gls*vimode powershell
kwd:{I would recommend you to try PowerShell version 3+ and PSReadLine module. It does not have support for vi mode, but may ease the pain with emacs mode. I'm not sure if vi mode is possible with that module, but you can definitely try to mimic some of it with options available in this module.

Oct 05, 15

see:{gls*do-release-upgrade answer file
see:{Can I do a Silent or Unattended Release Upgrade?
kwd:{The following command upgrades to the new stable release without prompts:
do-release-upgrade -f DistUpgradeViewNonInteractive
The following command upgrades to the current development release without prompts:
do-release-upgrade -d -f DistUpgradeViewNonInteractive
I haven't tested it, but it seems it just performs the default action when a question arises. It also times out any scripts if they hang for too long.
You might have to do use dpkg-reconfigure afterwards if you are unhappy with the configuration of certain packages, but most of the time you should be ok.

Oct 05, 15

see:{gls*"vagrant" "stdin: is not a tty"
see:{stdin: is not a tty #1673@
see:{how to fix error "default: stdin: is not a tty" when using vagrant up #517@

Oct 05, 15

gls*"how companies are overcoming" "time difference"
kwd:{The emergence of India and China as economic powers has shifted the global landscape and called into question the ability of the United States to compete. Advantage sorts out the challenges the United States faces and focuses on what drives innovation, what constrains it, and what strengths we have to leverage. Entirely recasting the stakes of the debate, Adam Segal makes the compelling case for the crucial role of the "software" of innovation. By bolstering its politics, social relations, and institutions that move ideas from the lab to the marketplace, the United States can preserve its position as a global power. With up-to-the minute economic and political data, this is a resounding call to tie innovation to larger social goals in an age of global science and technology.

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