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09 Apr 14

Escola Mare de Deu de Núria, Blog de Tercero de primaria

05 Mar 14

Data Archiving removes from the database application data from closed business transactions that are no longer relevant for the operational business. The archived data is stored in archive files that can be accessed by the system in read-only mode.

24 Feb 14


This procedure allows you to manually trigger PRICAT messages (price catalog). This corresponds to the process: Outbound Processing of PRICAT Messages

24 Feb 14

Archiving objects play a key role in SAP's data archiving concept. The archiving object determines what and how data is archived. General information about archiving objects are find under Structure linkArchiving Objects.

The table under Functions lists a selection of archiving objects that are normally used in SAP Retail projects. The list of objects is by not a complete list.

17 Aug 13

En este tutorial aprenderemos a flashear una rom al SGS con Heimdall, usando un MacOSX con Lion.

Los que hacíamos uso antes de Odin en Windows, ahora nos vemos un poco pillados, ya que no tenemos ese programa en Mac, pero existe una alternativa muy lograda, que es Heimdall.

Objetivo: En este tutorial vamos a suponer que estamos en MIUI/CM7 y queremos instalar otra rom cualquiera (pej: criskelo o cualquier otra que sea basada en las stock). En este caso es imprescindible que al móvil le flasheemos una rom Stock limpia y luego la correspondiende con CWM.

20 Jul 13

You can use a HOSTS file to block ads, banners, 3rd party Cookies, 3rd party page counters, web bugs, and even most hijackers. This is accomplished by blocking the connection(s) that supplies these little gems. The Hosts file is loaded into memory (cache) at startup, so there is no need to turn on, adjust or change any settings with the exception of the DNS Client service (see below). Windows automatically looks for the existence of a HOSTS file and if found, checks the HOSTS file first for entries to the web page you just requested. The is considered the location of your computer, so when an entry listed in the MVPS HOSTS file is requested on a page you are viewing, your computer thinks is the location of the file. When this file is not located it skips onto the next file and thus the ad server is blocked from loading the banner, Cookie, or some unscrupulous ActiveX, or javascript file.

20 Jul 13

Welcome to hpHosts online!. This database has been created to allow simple, and quick confirmation of a site's listing in the hpHosts HOSTS file.

16 Jul 13

Where to get customized military dog id tags, old vintage stamped dog id tags, buy promotional dog tags, engraved id dog tags, dog tag for dog identification ...

07 May 13

The's project. All cheat sheets, round-ups, quick reference cards, quick reference guides and quick reference sheets in one page. The only one you need.

03 May 13

Como enseñar a la gente a buscar en Google

30 Apr 13

Got Your Back: Gmail Backup - Google Project Hosting

28 Feb 13

Web que Te Facilita encontrar paletas de colores para Tus diseños

01 Feb 13

Here are some rulers you can print out. Disposable paper rulers! :)

11 Jan 13

This is a manual to build a bootable USB-stick with multiple systems using syslinux and iso-images.

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