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Apr 28, 15

Simulation of collision carts colliding. Can change the mass of carts, the initial velocities, and the type of collisions.

Apr 10, 15

Great visualization of the H-R diagram- makes much more sense than just throwing a H-R diagram at students right away.

Jan 23, 15

Includes the official rules for MalletBall, which I borrowed pretty much wholesale. :-)

Dec 19, 14

It looks impossible. It'd be fun to replicate this.

Dec 19, 14

Not a big fan of commercials for show & tell, but this one's quick & fun. Show it before exams. ;-)
Shown to IntSci1 classes Dec 2014

Dec 19, 14

Goofy, weird, stop motion. The best kind.
Shown to all classes Dec 2014

Nov 26, 14

Great illustration of convection, conduction, & radiation.
Shown to 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th block 2014-15

Nov 13, 14

The apex points of all trajectories for an object form an ellipse. Or ellipsoid in 3D. Visualized.

Nov 13, 14

Nice explanation of what a scientific theory is. And isn't.

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