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29 Mar 14

Nice resources for designing quality rubrics. A @DataDiva...errr...@JennLCI joint.

29 Mar 14

A collaborative physics resource sharing site. Looks pretty good.

29 Mar 14

Pushing a car to find mass. It just so happens Frank and I have almost the same car.

19 Mar 14

An easy to make device to demonstrate the independence of horizontal and vertical motion.

26 Feb 14

Relating peeing into large pools to small containers to adding heat to large spaces and small spaces.

26 Feb 14

How far up the ramp must the cart start so that it hits the buggy?

24 Feb 14

Perhaps a good beginner electronics project.

08 Feb 14

Great post that elucidates the meaning of a scientific theory in comparison to scientific laws, etc.

31 Jan 14

Great bit of typography with a great bit from Ira Glass on the gap between your taste and your work.

11 Jan 14

Links to 2 Live Hazecams in CT, also includes maps & points of reference so you can determine the approximate visibility distance.

19 Dec 13

Nice video- UBFPM video analysis:
What is the mass of the dry ice + wood block?

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