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Aug 28, 16

Another teacher's website with notes and resources.

Aug 21, 16

Lots of labs and handouts for AP Chemistry

Aug 16, 16

Loads of resources including PowerPoints, labs, rubrics, etc. for AP Chem. Check it.

Aug 16, 16

It looks like daily warm ups are being added to the site each day of this year. Could be useful.

Aug 16, 16

Quite a lot of simulations and inquiry activities. May need to be run on Firefox and IE since they require Java.

Aug 16, 16

AP Chemistry Labs, most as PDFs, tho inquiry based labs are only titles, labs are subscription only.

From @adchempages. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Apr 10, 16

Source for copying & pasting super&subscript Unicode characters so they look like exponents. Useful for headings.

Sep 07, 15

A video showing the effect of air pressure on an object- namely that air pressure is a pushing force on ALL sides of an object, so removing all the air (and thus air pressure) has no net effect on the forces acting on an object.

Aug 25, 15

Nice demonstration of the triple point- using high pressures to force CO2 into the liquid phase.

Aug 20, 15

A list of digital tools for physics shared by Frank Noschese

Aug 13, 15

Interactive tutorials on waves for physics.

Aug 13, 15

An activity that requires students to attempt to build a boat with the best Cost / Weight ratio in a limited amount of time. Nice introduction to modeling and classroom culture.

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