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Katy Baker

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04 Mar 14

This page has information about the common ancestor of all feliforma which is what you need for 3.

  • ll extant feliforms share a common attribute: the characteristics of their auditory bullae, the bony capsules enclosing the middle and inner ear. This is a key diagnostic in classifying species as Feliform versus Caniform. In feliforms, the auditory bullae are double-chambered, composed of two bones joined by a septum.

  • Another line of evidence are molecular divergence dates for pinnipeds, and the "fissiped" carnivoran fossil record. The most recent molecular divergence dates published by Fulton and Strobeck (2010) suggest an Oligo-Miocene divergence of basal pinnipeds (this is, however, based on Enaliarctos as a fossil calibration).
03 Feb 14

How the most common disease you have never heard of is unearthing our evolutionary roots

24 May 13

This is an awesome seal cladogram showing how isolation because of different geological events has driven the evolution of seals

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