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  • one year after the toppling of President Hosni Mubarak, nothing has changed on the economic front in Egypt
  • n the “revolution budget,” education spending dropped from 3.5 to 3.2 percent of GNP
  • The choice was clear: either foreign borrowing or austerity. Successive governments desperately avoided any solutions that might entail any redistribution of resources.

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  • While labor law constricts the scope of issues that unions can negotiate at the workplace, it doesn’t prevent worker organizations from bargaining in the political arena
  • Imagine, for instance, that the United Auto Workers could negotiate over the environmental standards of the cars they produce instead of just wages and benefits.
  • But a deeper and even more controversial demand proposes an end to management prerogative over all workplace decisions. Workplace democracy means truly giving workers a “voice” at work. Whether through work committees or required seats for employee representatives on the company’s board of directors, a deeper vision of workplace democracy enables workers’ voices to have a real impact.

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  • What’s so notable here isn’t merely that the U.S. and Israel are engaged in the very practices which the U.S. annually and flamboyantly condemns as “human rights abuses” when done by others. It’s that these abuses have now been going on for so long in the two countries, are so entrenched, that they have been absorbed into the political landscape as barely noticed accoutrements. They have become completely normalized — not just legally and politically but culturally – to the point where they are scarcely controversial.

  • time becomes in every sense this thing you serve.
  • In other words, there’s the scientific taste for reducing men to numbers and the slave owners’ urge to reduce blacks to brutes
  • The trouble with the Bill of Rights, he argues, is that it emphasizes process and procedure rather than principles

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Jun 12, 11

It may not be coincidental that the U.S., the epicenter of the intern phenomenon, has the lowest wages of any developed nation.

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