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  • What’s so notable here isn’t merely that the U.S. and Israel are engaged in the very practices which the U.S. annually and flamboyantly condemns as “human rights abuses” when done by others. It’s that these abuses have now been going on for so long in the two countries, are so entrenched, that they have been absorbed into the political landscape as barely noticed accoutrements. They have become completely normalized — not just legally and politically but culturally – to the point where they are scarcely controversial.
May 19, 08

On the horrid conditions of privatized immigation detention centers

Aug 28, 09

"Saudi Arabia's much praised rehabilitation program for terror suspects is under fire from the US-based Human Rights Watch because its participants are detained for lengthy periods without charges. "

Sep 02, 09

american not allowed into country, presumably (though security wouldnt say) because he participated in the FreeGaza walk in Feb. Has been deported.

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