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Mar 11, 13

This is why Democracy Now! is both the best and worst news program you'll ever find. Nobody else will bring you this gravely important story. I am a wiser person for having seen it. But what's with that headline? How does "big pharma" block imports to a whole country? What, does big pharma now employ a fleet of pirates to swashbuckle and maraud competitors on the high seas?

  • and the United States
Jan 17, 13

Not "the reason" for militias, but I'm sure they did plenty of this.

Dec 30, 12

Uh oh! They've come back with a graph! Too bad it has nothing to do with the headline... wah wahhh.

Dec 20, 12

You mean you actually want your readers to understand the legislation they're advocating? That's actually a good idea. wtg, mojo!

Dec 19, 12

A facebook commenter writes: "But isn't this how the glorious, liberating "unregulated free market" is supposed to work?"

We're talking about Myanmar an Congo, here. Need I say more?

Dec 19, 12

The ban-the-guns crowd needed to respond to this very good point, and this was the best they could muster. 

Dec 07, 12

"That year, according to Internal Revenue Service records, just 236 of the nation's 45.6 million tax filers had any income that was taxed at 81% or higher."

Oct 14, 12

She gets the point, but she doesn't. I cheer one paragraph and boo the next.

Sep 26, 12

Normally I would oppose inviting ones self onto someone else's land and re-decorating the place, but I don't quite recognize the city to be a legitimate landowner.

Sep 26, 12

Agree in part, disagree in part.

Aug 28, 12

Akin is a pariah because he believes that the female reproductive system prevents conception in the instance of rape. Paul Ryan is now a pariah because he believes that rape actually is a "method of conception". This whole conversation has just gone full retard.

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