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Oct 20, 14

Hearth Tax Online is a web site dedicated to providing data and analysis of the records of the hearth tax which was introduced in England and Wales by the government of Charles II in 1662.

The web site is run and maintained by the Centre for Hearth Tax Research, based at Roehampton University London, and supported by The British Academy. The research published on this web site has been undertaken with the generous assistance of the Aurelius Trust and the Marc Fitch Fund.

Sep 29, 14

"Database of nearly 800 links to Historic Directories of Ireland, available on free and subscription websites, and also includes directories for purchase on CD or download. Sources charging for access, or items for purchase are indicated with a $. Details shown include directory date, title and a direct link to relevant website. Online directories may be available as transcripts, ebooks (pdf, FlipBook etc), images or searchable databases.

To start a search, enter one or more keywords in the search text and click the search button above, or select one of the county or date dropdown filters. Searches can include any combination of key words, county or dates."

Jul 24, 14

The Society welcomes people researching their Norfolk ancestors and family history. We currently have around 4,000 members researching their Ancestors in Norfolk, including members from as far afield as Australia and U.S.A.

The Society's collection of genealogical resources encompass parish register transcripts, monumental inscriptions, census returns, wills, family trees, pedigrees, photographs and a wide range of published work to help you trace your family's Norfolk origins.

The Norfolk Online Record Search (NORS) database provides Members with online access to the Societies collection of Parish Register Transcripts. Read more about NORS here.

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