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25 Dec 13

"The Database of 19th Century Photographers and Allied Trades in London: 1841-1901
Based on David Webb's extensive research photoLondon has compiled a database of approximately 9,000 biographical entries on photographic companies and the people who worked within the photographic industry in London during the 19th century.
Read about pioneering photographers such as Antoine Claudet, Camille Silvy and Oscar Rejlander and less well known figures such as Walston Caselton, and the sisters Marion, Jane and Anna Dixon. photoLondon will build on David Webb’s excellent work and create additional entries and links to collections over time."

18 Dec 13

"Heritage Maps allows you to look  at a wide range of heritage data sets on a map. Many of these data sets have not been shown publicly before. Many were collected by government departments but many others have been collected by local authorities through the County Heritage Plans. Coverage of some data sets is on an individual county basis, rather than as a national coverage."

06 Dec 13

"Our online public access collection: In addition to our valuable book and manuscript collection, we have a growing number of resources available on this website that all researchers can take advantage of. Typically, these resources represent the hard work of our members, but some are simply donated to us by researchers who wish their work to be available to wider numbers of family historians."

06 Dec 13

"BDA is a new research tool for historians and genealogists comprising transcripts and indexes of many original records and published biographies of deceased individuals who arrived in or were born in Australia, starting from the earliest times.
This first release contains convict, muster, census, baptism, marriage and burial manuscript records for most of the New South Wales population 1788-1828, for Norfolk Island and Tasmania 1802-1811, and many immigrant and convict records from 1829-1837 along with full text of short biographies of 11,000+ residents of most colonies/states published 1881-1907."

24 Oct 13

The Society’s annual journal, The Irish Genealogist, has been published since 1937. It is widely recognised as a forerunner in the field of Irish genealogy and for making a unique scholarly contribution to Irish genealogical studies for over 70 years.

Over the period the journal has been published it has allowed members to share the results of their work through many thousands of genealogy related articles, family histories and transcriptions of unusual records and sources. Typically, members have submitted information from newspapers, parish registers, family bibles, genealogies, voters lists, pedigrees, membership rolls, deeds, marriage settlements, census substitutes, land and tenure surveys, marriage license bonds, courts records and wills.

All these contributions have been scanned to create a brand new, readily accessible resource of some 250,000 names. This new database already holds names gleaned from the journal for the period 1937-2001, and names from the 2002 to 2012 journals will be added shortly.

If you find an entry you are interested in:

► Search The Irish Genealogist Database
you can identify the name of the article it appears in here
purchase a back copy of the relevant journal here
buy a CD of all the journals published from 1937 to 1993 from Eneclann
check whether your nearest major library has a copy of the
relevant journal. Most state and national libraries around the
world hold The Irish Genealogist

22 Oct 13

"Disaster Information contains records of natural and non-natural disasters within Australia, or directly impacting on Australians, dating from 1753 to the present day.

The Australian Emergency Management Glossary (Commonwealth of Australia 1998) defines a disaster as:
"A serious disruption to community life which threatens or causes death or injury in that community and/or damage to property which is beyond the day-to-day capacity of the prescribed statutory authorities and which requires special mobilisation and organisation of resources other than those normally available to those authorities.""

22 Oct 13

"There are many individuals, societies and groups across the globe researching the people of a community within the context of the place they live. The vision of this Society is to bring together those like-minded people and provide a platform for members to share good practice, ideas and methodology in one place, as well as promote the research being undertaken on their study area.

A charitable organisation founded in 2013 by six dedicated family and local historians from three continents, the Society is run by volunteers in order to advance the education of the public in one-place studies. Information and further advice is available to all, though members will have access to a wide range of enhanced benefits."

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