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  • China’s Gini coefficient – the most widely used gauge of income disparity – rose to 0.474 in 2012, above the 0.4 mark often cited by analysts as a threshold for social unrest.

  • 酒店预订和机票预订两大市场份额,遭遇淘宝、去哪儿、艺龙、酷讯及同程网的猎食。在机票预订业务领域,携程利润也呈现明显下降趋势。国内航空公司自己做直销,佣金不断下降。携程CFO武文洁表示,携程机票佣金目前只能维持在4%至5%,而2012年第一季度携程机票预订佣金同比下降了22%。艺龙首席执行官崔广福[微博]则将重点转移至在线酒店。

  • But with strong government backing and a willingness to offer low- or no-margin deals, China could one day hold a strong position in offshore energy vessels in much the same way it won a significant chunk of the market for conventional ships.

  • Construction was supposed to start on 10 million units in 2011 and another 7 million more are scheduled for this year4.
  • If commercial housing loan growth drops to zero, the amount of affordable housing loans will have to more than double to pick up the slack.

  • According to that report, 40%  of an Eagle Ford shale well’s production will come in the first five years, followed by a long decline curve lasting perhaps as many as thirty years.
  • It’s one that’s been played many times before in the industry and one which has ruined a lot of wells. It’s called the “pull ‘em hard and make it look good on paper to the investors” game.
  • If you flow a new shale well too hard by using too large of a choke at the well head, you can cause the proppant, (sand, resin beads, etc., which is pumped into the formation during a frac job to hold tiny fissures open)  to flow back to the surface along with oil and gas. With nothing to keep them open anymore, tiny fissures and cracks may then collapse, reducing the life of the well.

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