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Apr 22, 15

Writers and artists have long been fascinated by the idea of an English eerie - 'the skull beneath the skin of the countryside'. But for a new generation this has nothing to do with hokey supernaturalism - it's a cultural and political response to contemporary crises and fears

Apr 10, 15

The burden of disease has changed remarkably over the past century, challenging how the health service is run. But what will the coming decades bring?

Apr 01, 15

A submerged mansion discovered in the depths off the Norfolk coast will offer visitors an experience like no other when it opens. Visitors will be able to explore the 19th century gothic-style Seaward House on diving tours with volunteer scuba guides.

Mar 21, 15

The aurora borealis is a breathtakingly beautiful natural phenomenon, but one that is seldom seen from the British Isles.

Mar 18, 15

A DNA study of Britons shows that, genetically, there is not a unique Celtic group of people in the UK.

Mar 15, 15

Like all concepts originating in the work of Jacques Derrida it is slippery, not to say labile. But Derrida, despite the flimsiness of some of his grander claims, does seem to have put his finger on something for once.

Mar 15, 15

The boulevards of Budapest once swarmed with Gypsy orchestras but most have now gone - and Hungarian Gypsy music is withering on the vine.

Mar 13, 15

The UK has many more than Seven Wonders of the Waterways - but these are widely accepted to be the most popular, spectacular and superb feats of engineering.

Mar 12, 15

New dates for the start of the Anthropocene - the geological age of humans - have been proposed by scientists.

Feb 13, 15

A plan to beam powerful radio messages to possible alien civilisations on distant planets has caused consternation among some scientists who believe it could spell doom for humanity on Earth.

Feb 12, 15

Scientists at a US meeting have said it is now time to actively try to contact intelligent life on other worlds.

Feb 01, 15

The gnostic paradox of young, tech-savvy traditionalists, who see through everything except their own conspiracy theories

Jan 25, 15

The accumulation of clutter is out of control, writes trend forecaster James Wallman.

Jan 25, 15

White-knuckle rides, rare animals and international stars have always drawn crowds to tourist attractions up and down the country, but as time has passed many have closed. BBC News investigates England's lost theme parks.

Jan 25, 15

Scientists believe a 23-year-old British man's 'constant deja vu' may have been triggered by anxiety - but what is deja vu, and what causes it?

Jan 23, 15

In this extract from his new book Dirty Old London, Lee Jackson investigates a much-overlooked aspect of the city’s 19th-century filth problem: the human corpse

Jan 23, 15

Philosophers and scientists have been at war for decades over the question of what makes human beings more than complex robots

Jan 21, 15

The closure of Latin America's biggest rubbish dump in 2012 was widely applauded but many of the rubbish-pickers who worked there are poorer without it.

Jan 18, 15

‘There is no hidden codpiece memo.’ So says the executive producer of upcoming BBC Two drama Wolf Hall, denying claims that the size of his stars’ codpieces were reduced beyond the point of historical accuracy.

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