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Feb 13, 15

A plan to beam powerful radio messages to possible alien civilisations on distant planets has caused consternation among some scientists who believe it could spell doom for humanity on Earth.

Feb 12, 15

Scientists at a US meeting have said it is now time to actively try to contact intelligent life on other worlds.

Feb 01, 15

The gnostic paradox of young, tech-savvy traditionalists, who see through everything except their own conspiracy theories

Jan 25, 15

The accumulation of clutter is out of control, writes trend forecaster James Wallman.

Jan 25, 15

White-knuckle rides, rare animals and international stars have always drawn crowds to tourist attractions up and down the country, but as time has passed many have closed. BBC News investigates England's lost theme parks.

Jan 25, 15

Scientists believe a 23-year-old British man's 'constant deja vu' may have been triggered by anxiety - but what is deja vu, and what causes it?

Jan 23, 15

In this extract from his new book Dirty Old London, Lee Jackson investigates a much-overlooked aspect of the city’s 19th-century filth problem: the human corpse

Jan 23, 15

Philosophers and scientists have been at war for decades over the question of what makes human beings more than complex robots

Jan 21, 15

The closure of Latin America's biggest rubbish dump in 2012 was widely applauded but many of the rubbish-pickers who worked there are poorer without it.

Jan 18, 15

‘There is no hidden codpiece memo.’ So says the executive producer of upcoming BBC Two drama Wolf Hall, denying claims that the size of his stars’ codpieces were reduced beyond the point of historical accuracy.

Jan 18, 15

As experts predict a phase of high Aurora activity, we speak to the man who has witnessed the Aurora dance above Scotland more than 350 times.

Jan 17, 15

Extensive genetic and genealogical analysis involving both male and female-line relatives of Richard III have confirmed that the skeleton found beneath a Leicester car park is that of the lost Mediaeval king.

Jan 09, 15

Hoarding looks weird and is often cruelly parodied on television, where shows suggest that the solution to a compulsive desire to keep stuff is simply a matter of heroically chucking it out.

Jan 09, 15

From fire-walking and head-slashing to the ice-bucket challenge, ritual pain and suffering forges intense social bonds.

Jan 09, 15

I explored this house in January 2014 after a friend had given me the coordinates and Intel needed ... I knew this house was special from the many antiques and artifacts that were found throughout. What I did not know, and what my friend didn't know was that there was a secret buried somewhere in this house.

Jan 08, 15

Find out what a GPX file is, and how you can use them to improve your outdoor adventures.

Jan 08, 15

When Judy Melinek was considering where to begin her career as a medical examiner she was given great advice. “If you really want to learn forensic pathology, do a rotation in New York".

Jan 04, 15

Members of the public are helping a beachcomber map where Lego has been found since millions of pieces were lost in a 1997 container spill.

Dec 26, 14

A list and pics of all his film appearances...

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