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  • Shi`ite families in the Biqa` region are organized into `Asha'ir (clans).  They are self-contained social and even economic units.  They can't be classified easily politically: they align themselves either with Hizb or with Amal but they remain independent and don't take to following orders.  The have had tense ties with Hizbullah but Hizbullah is too smart to antagonize them.  The other day, the gangs of the Free Syrian Army kidnapped an innocent member of the Muqdad `ashirah.  He was a Lebanese who committed fraud in Lebanon and was staying in Syria.   His wife is not even veiled (unlike members of Hizbullah).  Yet, the sectarian gangs of FSA claimed that he was sent personally by Nasrallah and given sectarian orders.  I mean, a dirty scheme that only the sectarian Wahhabis of Qatar and Saudi Arabia can cook.  Yesterday, the Muqdad clan threatened action if their member is not released. Today, they unleashed their military wing (shown above) especially that the Lebanese government is asleep at the wheel, and especially that Human Rights Watch and Western governments and media simply ignore kidnappings by the Free Syrian Army gangs. 
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