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Arik Hanson

Arik Hanson's Public Library

Apr 23, 15

"What my blog post in 2015 looks like
1) I write short, 500-750 word posts with a single lesson, e.g. what I learned from self-publishing my first book. No evergreen, in-debth blog posts for me anymore. That deep content will be turned into ebooks that I charge money for.

2) I get away from the instructional how-to manual style and turn into a Mars Dorian tabloid. It sounds negative, but hear me out. I’ve once written that since 2014, style matters more than substance, because algorithm and wikipedia can give you all the information you need, but they have zero emotional pulling power. Humans always crave emotion. A wikipedia page gives you info, but I can make you feel something.

3) I relate everything that I write about to me. This again sounds counterproductive, "

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