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Ariellah Rosenberg

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May 13, 16

Ready to learn precisely how successful people bulletproof their minds to achieve epic results? Go here:

May 04, 16

How #data can help improve the state of the world

Apr 13, 16

ORT SA featured on Leadership In Education via @cliffcentralcom

Apr 13, 16

Icon Brian Joffe gets Wits honorary doctorate

Apr 13, 16

ORT SA's 'Ready for Life' Programme for young #entrepreneurs. Watch this video and be amazed. via @YouTube

Mar 21, 16

What planned maintenance. No notification! Anyway should have been back at 6am. Please keep us informed!!!

Mar 14, 16

Fabulous race today, whether not too bad either. Well organized race! Another marathon dusted. @ComradesRace journey

Mar 13, 16

What's going on today at #GESF 2016?

Feb 16, 16

How does Teacup Analytics compare to @googleanalytics - watch to find out:

Jan 23, 16

Smart stuff #edchat Pearson, world’s largest education company, laying off 10 percent of workforce

Jan 18, 16

These four common mistakes are making you less productive at work

Jan 12, 16

A new way to visualise the global economy #economics

Jan 11, 16

Here's a great map/list of 300+ tech startup investors in Europe - #technogy #tech #startup

Jan 08, 16

Watch The Year in Ideas: The Best TED Talks of 2015 via @TEDTalks #Tech #Innovation

Jan 07, 16

The cohort tells the real story

Jan 04, 16

Mpho: Helping people with disabilities get a decent job:

Dec 01, 15

There's more gold in a tonne of mobile phone waste than a tonne of gold-bearing ore #resourceful ^KL

Nov 30, 15 You & only you are in control of your reaction to challenging situations. @StephenRCovey

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