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Ann Bebout

Ann Bebout's Public Library

Apr 14, 15

FRESNO, Calif. (AP) — The government has been collecting dirt — lots of it.

Mar 31, 15

A close look at everyday decisions—whether or not to wear a bike helmet or cheat on bus fare—helps students learn about assessing natural hazards, mitigating risks, and setting political priorities.

Mar 03, 15

VIDEOS on many earth science topics -- cartoons, fast talking, good

Feb 11, 15

The Geopraevent team has posted a very interesting stop motion video showing movement of the Val Parghera rockslide in Switzerland over an 18 month period

Nov 06, 14

REALLY GOOD 6 min video about how copper is mined and extracted -- by RioTinto/Kennecott

Nov 05, 14

THIS LOOKS VERY GOOD -- USES a Google-based custom WebGIS site -- Exploring Plate boundaries with seismic data -- study plate boundaries, then use earthquake data to FIGURE OUT what causes the seismicity in East Africa!

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