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Ann Bebout

Ann Bebout's Public Library

Nov 21, 15

online GIS page -- by depth, magnitude, etc -- on world map

Nov 05, 15

45 min long animation showing the Sun and planets as if you were traveling at the speed of light for 45 minutes.

Nov 05, 15

The United States is getting more serious about dealing with the dangers posed by powerful sun storms.

Oct 16, 15

Geologist narrates 9min aerial tour of many famous landslides -- good!

Oct 16, 15

brief explanation -- regional trend, Bouguer anomaly meaning

Jun 17, 15

Map showing big groundwater basins (Ogalalla, High Plains included) are in trouble.

Jun 04, 15

John Cook at the University of Queensland (along with others) has produced a very good course about climate change and its denial. He also covers the consensus among scientists, and why the claims ...

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