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Ann Bebout

Ann Bebout's Public Library

Jun 17, 15

Map showing big groundwater basins (Ogalalla, High Plains included) are in trouble.

Jun 04, 15

John Cook at the University of Queensland (along with others) has produced a very good course about climate change and its denial. He also covers the consensus among scientists, and why the claims ...

Apr 14, 15

FRESNO, Calif. (AP) — The government has been collecting dirt — lots of it.

Mar 31, 15

A close look at everyday decisions—whether or not to wear a bike helmet or cheat on bus fare—helps students learn about assessing natural hazards, mitigating risks, and setting political priorities.

Mar 03, 15

VIDEOS on many earth science topics -- cartoons, fast talking, good

Feb 11, 15

The Geopraevent team has posted a very interesting stop motion video showing movement of the Val Parghera rockslide in Switzerland over an 18 month period

Nov 06, 14

REALLY GOOD 6 min video about how copper is mined and extracted -- by RioTinto/Kennecott

Nov 05, 14

THIS LOOKS VERY GOOD -- USES a Google-based custom WebGIS site -- Exploring Plate boundaries with seismic data -- study plate boundaries, then use earthquake data to FIGURE OUT what causes the seismicity in East Africa!

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