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  • Find all elements inside

    elements with class “summary”, all inside the

    with id “page” and hide each matched tag: 

  • Reading lists are OPML documents that point to RSS feeds, like most of the OPML documents you find, but instead of subscribing to each feed in the document, the reader or aggregator subscribes to the OPML document itself. 

  • Phpfunctions  is a quick reference for looking up that php function that you know has to exist, but you just can’t remember the name. 

  • The practice of typography is a centuries-old tradition. It has its roots in both design and readability, and thousands of different fonts have been created to those ends. While you may not have the same selection and precise control on the Web as you do in the print world, you still have enough control to improve the display of your characters and paragraphs. Despite less control, improved readability and design are still worthy goals that are within your grasp using CSS. 

  • ou need to have a vague understanding of  XUL  and Javascript, but you certainly don’t need to be a master of either.  

  • jQuery is a Javascript library that takes this motto to heart:    Writing Javascript code  should be fun.  jQuery acheives this goal by taking common,  repetitive, tasks, stripping out all the  unnecessary markup, and leaving them short, smart and understandable. 
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