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Andrei Sereda

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Jun 14, 10

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Apr 29, 10

Shows all possible scenarios on web single sign on (SSO) and federation using CAS and Shibboleth.

Apr 29, 10

Applications need to programmatically access CAS. Generally, proxying works for this. However, there are cases where an application needs to access a resource as itself, in which case proxying doesn't make any sense.

At Rutgers, we've implemented a relatively "heavyweight" SOAP based service via Axis. We're now looking at complementing that with a lightweight resource-driven architecture. This page details that proposed work.

This API works to expose a way to RESTfully obtain a Ticket Granting Ticket resource and then use that to obtain a Service Ticket.

Dec 08, 09

Hibernate comes with three different caching mechanisms - first level, second level and query cache. Truly understanding how the Hibernate caches work and interact with each other is important when you need to increase performance - just enabling caching in your entity with an annotation (or in classic .hbm.xml mapping file) is easy. But understanding what and how things happens behind the scenes is not. You might even end up with a less performing system if you do not know what you are doing.

Dec 05, 09

Yubico's core product is the YubiKey™, the first USB-key for instant authentication to networks and services that works on multiple platforms and does not need any client software.

The revolutionary device plugs into any USB slot. With a simple touch on the YubiKey, it sends the user's identity and a unique pass code every time it is used. Optionally, users can program the YubiKey to have two independent and separate configurations. For example, users can have a static password and a One-Time pass code - one for a legacy system and one for a high security validation server. All in one single YubiKey!

Nov 30, 09

Hi everybody, as I have seen quite a few people in this forum attempting like myself to do a basic setup for a service type company (ours is an engineering one) where projects are setup, hours recorded (timesheets) and invoices produced on time in line scenarios, I though it might be usefull pulling all our effort into one discussion thread. I have written a basic setup scenario from scratch and would greatly appreciate comments, help, suggestion, bashing if it is not the right way of doing it, etc....

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