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23 Apr 14

David Pintor captura en debuxos a maxia de Compostela vía @youtube. Que bonita es Compostela incluso dibujada!!

23 Apr 14

Hoy, @GualScar reseña COME PRIMA, de Alfred.

21 Apr 14

Nouveau Petit Rien / New Little Nothing. Something about Belgium :

19 Apr 14

Drowning in choices? Maybe my June PG Previews will help you pick your next comics reads!

13 Apr 14

Gorgon City Is 'Here For You' - LessThan3 (blog) on "Deep House" - Google News

07 Apr 14

MACANUDO del 2014-04-06: (@porliniers)

04 Apr 14

12 Ways Teachers are Using Social Media in the Classroom:

03 Apr 14

Check out @Boamistura and amazing group of Spanish urban artists #Boamistura

01 Apr 14

#MM \o/ @HannoverRose @IamChristineD @_Sammy_Jane @SammyT23 @ElSetos @EMaGleM @andresnash

31 Mar 14

I just updated my website.

30 Mar 14

Stand up

28 Mar 14

"The same sex couples marriage act is a huge statement about every human's right to love equally" Jude Kelly #SayIDo

28 Mar 14

28 Mar 14

Salen a la luz 200 textos inéditos de la pensadora María Zambrano

28 Mar 14

Andamos ya cerrando y maquetando nuestro 2.º número. ¡En breve tendréis noticias! Mientras:

28 Mar 14

Epic news alert! We're releasing Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey on 28 November

28 Mar 14

This weeks big New Releases are here:
For the full release list check here:

28 Mar 14

‘Zarpazos!’, un documental sobre el 'Spanish Horror' vía @SomosDocumental

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