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Andres Santiago

Andres Santiago's Public Library

Mar 29, 15

El extraño fenómeno 'mukbang': jóvenes que ganan miles de euros comiendo sin parar

Mar 26, 15

Rechío ou Rechouchío?

Mar 19, 15

RT @Learn4work: Can't recommend enough! . Step by step clearly itemised. Perfect @russell1955

Mar 16, 15

Interesting... 10 Mind Blowing Optical Illusions ||

Mar 13, 15

See the street style of 80s Brooklyn in iconic photos from Jamel Shabazz' new exhibition:

Mar 11, 15

Here’s a great interview with Wonderground 2015 acts @TheTigerLillies from @thisiscabaret!

Mar 09, 15

Ha muerto Tatsumi, uno de los maestros del manga para adultos. Recomiendo sus memorias en @Astiberri

Mar 04, 15

The Buried Giant review – Kazuo Ishiguro ventures into Tolkien territory

Feb 19, 15

@2pogi4u @jaimeguimaraess @andresnash @Angelitos55 @HannoverRose @ROCTWN @djxtheowl @mikort \o/

Feb 10, 15

@josephdwilcox she is good @intmf @eddieVcolon @andresnash @jaimeguimaraess

Feb 10, 15

Luz Casal @intmf @josephdwilcox @eddieVcolon @andresnash @jaimeguimaraess

Feb 03, 15

Thursday paper▸ today's top stories via @todddee14 @jazzinho @locuta @ItalianNotes @slevi @andresnash @GrooveboyIRL▸
Wednesday, August 28 ▸ via @HannoverRose @JavierPG_Ibiza @GerardZA @djxtheowl @LUMANIKUS @2pogi4u @andresnash ▸
Thursday paper▸ stories via @andresnash @MrsvanP @ZoeWilder @ijsvv @DJ_Sneak @TJandron @SpinSpinNYC
Sunday paper▸ stories/music/photo's via @djladyd @andresnash @MrsvanP @GerardZA @todddee14 @gingeraleplus @DFA1976
MyDaily▸ stories/photo/vids via @andresnash @MrsvanP @GerardZA @HannoverRose @DJ_Sneak @djmarkfarina @IconoDesignUK ▸ Sunday readings ▸ via @andresnash @MrsvanP @An3sJ869 @WallyCallerio @To0tingbecwreck 2day ▸via @djxtheowl @LauraWytema @wbeekwilder @wolterwierbos @andresnash @promiseonelove @ZoeWilder @SpinSpinNYC 2day▸via @andresnash @JavierPG_Ibiza @jaimeguimaraess @KeesUnited @MrsvanP @ZoeWilder @GerardZA @iamhess @DFA1976 Tuesday paper ▸ via @djnutritious @djfrankiebones @jaimeguimaraess @andresnash @MrsvanP @some_raven @HOUSEMusicUp Sunday paper via @victorward @ZoeWilder @josephdwilcox @intmf @andresnash @LaatBloeien
2day paper via @ZoeWilder @intmf @de_willem @andresnash @sonnyfodera @KeesKooiman @benholtam
My Daily via @liesbethdesmit @Jazzipedia @MrsvanP @andresnash @matxil @TwinDad6
2day > @djnutritious @MrsvanP @HannoverRose @andresnash @intmf @filminspecteur @ZoeWilder
Monday paper via @DJ_Sneak @andresnash @despatisNL @PatrickMinks @intmf The Evangelina Elliott Daily ▸ stories via @bmimag @andresnash @djleonogueira1 @LauraWytema @influxmag

Feb 01, 15

Latest review for the show :-) @theBetweenBoys @KingsHeadThtr

Jan 31, 15

Scott McCloud on THE SCULPTOR and stuff: @scottmccloud

Jan 29, 15

Comics adaptations of Monterroso's "The Dinosaur". #longlivedippy

Jan 15, 15

Someone photoshopped men out of the Paris march picture and it's brilliant

Jan 12, 15

El experimento de Linklater con BOYHOOD gana el #GloboDeOro2015 a mejor drama

Jan 07, 15

Cartoonists Tweet Responses To Charlie Hebdo Attack #CharlieHebdo #JeSuisCharlie

Jan 03, 15

Thanks to Tom Rawles for sending GP this incredible painting of Bobby Womack! @gillespeterson

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