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  • Il Profeta   Daniele già proclamava:




      «Sia benedetto il nome di Dio   d’eternità in eternità, perché a lui appartengono la saggezza e   la forza. È lui che muta i momenti ed i tempi, depone i re e li   innalza, che dona la saggezza ai saggi ed il sapere agli   intelligenti. È lui che svela le cose profonde e nascoste, che   sa quel che è nelle tenebre e la luce dimora con lui.[9]

  • “Ricorrete a Dio, figlio mio,”   esclama Alano, “volgete il vostro cuore ed il vostro spirito   verso di lui piuttosto che verso l’Arte; perché questa scienza è   uno dei più grandi doni di Dio che ne favorisce chi gli piace.   Amate dunque Dio, con tutto il vostro cuore e con tutta la   vostra anima, ed il vostro prossimo come voi stesso; chiedete   questa scienza a Dio con istanza e perseveranza ed egli ve   l’accorderà.”

  • So have I sought to make known my good-will to those who know me, and manifest unto the initiated that I am their companion


    p. 109


    and equal, and that I desire their acquaintance.

  • I HAVE attempted to give a full and accurate account of Alchemy without using any of those obscure technical terms, which have proved so serious a stumbling-block in the way of many students of this Art. I am here describing my own experience during the thirty years which I spent and wasted in perusing the writings of authors whose whole ingenuity seemed to have been concentrated upon the Art of expressing thought in unintelligible language. The more I read the more hopelessly I went astray, until Divine Providence at length prompted me to undertake a journey to Italy, and caused me to be accepted as a disciple by that noble and marvellously learned Master Raymond, with whom I remained for a long time. In his eyes I found such favour that he not only unfolded to me a partial knowledge of this Great Mystery, but at my most earnest entreaty, accompanied me to this island of England, and lived with me here two years. During his stay he thoroughly instructed me in the whole secret of the work. Subsequently, I introduced my noble master to his most gracious Majesty King Edward, who received him kindly and honourably, and obtained from him a promise of inexhaustible wealth, on condition that he (the King) should in person conduct a Crusade against the Turks, the enemies of God, and that he should thenceforward refrain from making war on other Christian nations.
  • All wisdom is derived from God, and ever ends in Him. Any one who desires knowledge should ask it of Him, for he gives liberally, and without upbraiding. The height and the depth of all knowledge, and the whole treasure of wisdom are given unto men of God, because in Him, and to Him, and through Him are all things, and nothing can happen without His will. In beginning my discourse I invoke the help of Him Who is the source and origin of all good things. May the bright light of His Spirit shine in my heart, and guide me into all truth
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