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Jul 07, 16

You Tube - Hans Hoffman was one of the first to explore abstract expressionism. His school in Provincetown influenced multiple generations of American painters.

Jun 30, 16

Art & Seek KERA. Growing up in New Mexico, Gabriel Dawe was surrounded by strong gender stereotypes. This interview explains how his work, including "Plexus A1," an installation at the Renwick Galleries, responds to these stereotypes that surrounded the textile world. Dawe will be installing a work of art in the atrium of the Amon Carter in the fall of 2016 where it will be displayed for one year.

May 31, 16

PrincetonOnline. Many teacher-tested methods for gaining inspiration and helping your students find their own inspiration.

May 27, 16

The Abolition Project. Josiah Wedgwood was a powerful abolitionist in the 1700's. He created a medallion that became a fashionable way to oppose slavery. Contemporary artist Glen Ligon has used this image to create his own art which is now a part of the Amon Carter's permanent collection.

May 17, 16

Smithsonian Institute. The Smithsonian has taken things from a variety of collections, done a three-dimensional scan of it, then produced a downloadable file for 3D printers to use. Teachers - why not download the file for Lincoln's life mask so that student's can feel his wrinkles? They keep adding new artifact files to this collection, so check back for new opportunities.

May 05, 16

The Library of Congress, National Archives and Records Administration, National Endowment for the Humanities, National Gallery of Art, National Park Service and United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. A thorough look at the impact of Jews on American culture and history. Highly recommended.

Apr 12, 16

Smithsonian Museum. This site is for young kids and it includes activities as well as insights into O'Keefe's art. Be sure to click through the crayon buttons at the bottom of the page to see everything.

Apr 12, 16

The Art Story. Artworks and analysis: Georgia O'Keeffe captured the emotion and power of objects through abstracting the natural world in paintings of flowers, barren landscapes, and close-up still lifes.

Apr 12, 16

Traditional Fine Arts Online, Inc. and The Honolulu Academy of Arts. O'Keeffe is famous for flowers and bones, but this exhibition showed her love of this new world. I wish I could know what she was thinking when she first set eyes on Hawaii.

Apr 12, 16

O'Keeffe painted natural settings at their most basic; large-scale flowers, bones and landscapes. O'Keeffe captured the raw brilliance of nature that only she could see and exposed us to its beauty.

Apr 12, 16

Yale University. It is appropriate that this power couple of American modernism share an archival collection. Although famous independently, together these two helped to shape the landscape of American art in the 20th century. Highly recommended.

Apr 12, 16 This private website does a nice job of looking at O'Keeffe's life and work. Not scholarly, but the information is solid.

Apr 11, 16

University of Texas at Arlington Library. I love the digital collections from this library and this one is a great source for local Texas history. Smith was a professional photography during the early - mid 20th century. Use this as a compare/contrast wi

Apr 11, 16

National Endowment for the Humanities and Northern Illinois University. Beginning in 1837 the printer Peter Force devoted sixteen years to collecting thousands of pamphlets, booklets, and newspaper articles pertaining to the "Origin, Settlement, and Progr

Apr 11, 16

Colonial Hall. This is great site for concise biographies of each signer plus a good portrait. Check out the whole site for good classroom information.

Apr 11, 16

Texas Alliance for Geographic Education, Texas State University. The Texas Alliance for Geographic Education (TAGE) is part of National Geographic's network of alliances for geographic education. promote public awareness of the importance of geographic literacy and skills to prepare students to succeed as well-informed citizens in an increasingly global society. They also support you with FREE maps to use in your classroom. Really usable ones, like outline maps of TX and the worlds' continents. Highly Recommended.

Apr 06, 16

The National Museum of the American Indian. Traces the history of many tribes' native people as buffalo hunters, horsemen, ranchers, and cowboys through a collection of native art and artifacts. Flash required.

Apr 04, 16

Instituto Nacional de Antropologia y Historia (INAH). The National Institute of Anthropology and History in Mexico has created a wonderful website to capture the rich history and information on Mexican codices. A codice is a pictorial and iconic document that tells the story of the pre-Hispanic peoples, primarily the Mayans, Mexicas, and Miztecs. The Amon Carter does include works of art from all of the Americas in the permanent collection, but early cultures are not included.

Apr 04, 16

Library of Congress. Dominated by correspondence and reports, the papers document Sheridan's service as an army commander in the Civil War and his postwar commands up to and including that of commanding general of the United States Army. Great research tool.

Mar 29, 16 Steven Biel, noted Grant Wood scholar, has written an interesting article on Woods' reasons for painting "Parson Weem's Fable." If you want to talk about the meaning of objects in art, then this is the article for you.

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