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Aug 27, 15

HomeAdvisor. A wide variety of lesson plans for K - 12 here, all having to do with building. From beaver dams to engineering a big dam, these units help students understand complex issues surrounding building things.

Aug 27, 15

EDSITEment from NEH. These nice folks have compiled a list of online resources that cover the states on the list. More comprehensive than Wikipedia and continually updated with new entries.

Aug 27, 15

EDSITEment from NEH. Common Core has something to offer for all teachers, even those using TEKS. This list includes connections with reading, movies, and other narrative formats.

Aug 27, 15

EDSITEment. Even if you don't use Common Core standards for your daily curriculum, these lesson plans dovetail very nicely with TEKS and provide great information and connections for American lit and World lit.

Aug 26, 15

San Jacinto Battlefield and Museum. The PDF contains TEKS-aligned lesson plans for all grades and includes some great images with slideshow capability. These lessons do more than focus on the battle, but explore more of the Texas history story, especially issues dealing with Mexico. Highly recommended.

Aug 21, 15

Fact Monster. Concise biographies and links to artist work. This is a good starting point, especially for elementary students.

Jul 23, 15

Documentary. Narrated by Beaumont Newhall, famed curator at the George Eastman House, this film gives rich information about photographer Ansel Adams. It starts with a list of Adam's equipment used in the field, moves to his process for taking pictures, and then demonstrates his darkroom techniques. Highly recommended for any serious photographer.

Jul 06, 15

TED - Ed. This 7 minute video makes good points about modern art and how we view it. This will help answer some of the questions about this art genre that your kids - and their parents - might have.

May 27, 15

Metropolitan Museum of Art. Not an art teacher? This great site offers an easy way to share information on art and design principals concerning this iconic painting.

Mar 11, 15

WNET Thirteen. This award-winning game will turn students in grades 5 - 8 into Master History Teachers. Informative and engaging, gamers earn badges as they move through US history. This site is still growing, so current "missions" only include the Ameri

Feb 16, 15

Lowcountry Africana. This site is exactly what it says: an online map of Freedman's Bureaus in the 1800's. This is a good site for history fair folks or people doing research on this topic.

Feb 02, 15

Smithsonian Museum of American History. Video discussion of the intersection of food, politics, and the labor movement in the U. S.

Feb 02, 15

Smithsonian American Art Museum. Biography and works on paper collection online. Highly recommended.

Feb 02, 15

National Gallery of Art.Explores the paintings of Horace Pippin and Wayne Thiebaud and the mobiles of Alexander Calder to discover and practice math and visual art concepts

Feb 02, 15

National Museum of American History.Explores how WWII posters were used to mobilize the nation.

Jan 07, 15

Lunar and Planetary Institute. Explanations for what goes on in the universe have been explored by every culture. This page looks at Native American stories.

Dec 29, 14

Museum of Modern Art. The extensive look at the photography collection of Thomas Walther should be a must-read for every photography student. It not only captures the excitement of this period, it shows the amount of information or metadata that goes into describing this collection. Once again, MoMA has done an outstanding job in preservation and discovery of great art.

Dec 29, 14

Library of Congress - The Signal. This is one of be simplest - and best - tutorials I've seen on this topic. If you haven't started digitizing your home photo collection, here are some great things to know first. Highly recommended.

Will 1

Dec 05, 14 This futurist/educator/thinker/seemslikeaniceguy has a lot to say about our system of education. Most of it I agree with. All of it makes me think, which is a good thing.

Nov 24, 14

Harry Ransom Center at the University of Texas - Austin. The UT Library folks have digitized a priceless treasure for all to see. Niepce's very first photograph, ca. 1826, is the ultimate for photography lovers. Just another reason to be proud of being a Texan!

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