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  • Currently it holds particular appeal among workers at firms in the internet, media and advertising industries, and among teams of software developers within larger firms. Conquering traditional businesses may prove harder. Slack’s yearly minimum of $80 per employee is steep for companies with tens of thousands of workers.
May 15, 16

The University of California at Santa Barbara library has undertaken an heroic digitization effort for its world-class archive of 19th and early 20th century wax cylinder recordings, and has placed…

May 13, 16

"We are all doing our journalism in the teeth of a force 12 digital hurricane." “We are all doing our journalism in the teeth of a force 12 digital hurricane.”
- Alan Rusbridger, as he resigns from The Scottish Trust via Tumblr

May 11, 16

David Burton on Twitter David Burton on Twitter: via Tumblr

  • We're looking for a higher degree of consolidation to make integration and interdependence more effective," said Mr. Pritchard. "How it manifests itself across the holding companies—I don't know."
  • What he does know is that more agencies will rebundle capabilities such as "creative and media, influencers and digital and production and shopper [marketing]" for individual brand needs. There will be dedicated client teams and a greater degree of open-sourcing of talent and capability.


  • Agencies' traditional differentiator, their creative output, is now something that can be sourced from anywhere, said Mr. Pritchard.

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    • The Gist Of What I Learned

      1. The simplest platform to create a bot on today is Telegram. Using Bot Platform 2.0 you can set up a basic bot in minutes thanks to the BotFather. There’s even inline keyboard functionality and if you’re not a programmer you can get guided through the setup process using Manybot.
      2. Unsurprisingly, crafting compelling conversational flows is really hard. Probably the hardest part of the entire process. Being able to add flair, intrigue and personality is a different skill set than is typically found in Silicon Valley. Companies who gets serious about messaging will need to hire storytellers, comedians, and Hollywood types because strong narratives will make or break these products.
      3. Selecting and investing in tools that offer cross-platform functionality provides the most bang for your buck.
Apr 28, 16

Participation in a panel on Silicon Valley gender and diversity issues should be an easy way for a white, male tech mogul to win a few brownie points. via Pocket

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