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Jac Londe

Jac Londe's Public Library

Nov 24, 15

Nissan Sentra Premium Qc 2007 ¡¡ Nuevo !!* * * NISSAN SENTRA PREMIUM QC 2007 * * *¡ ¡ ¡ SOLO 64,000 KMS ¡ ¡ ¡ÚNICO DUEÑO, TODO PAGADO HASTA...112060392

Nov 17, 15

articulos de serigrafia, instalaciones de malla, playeras lisas, pulpos, raseros para serigrafia, sedas .::. Color Graf
tel: -382-405-62
Mar Rojo #1205 Col. Miraflores, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.

Nov 10, 15

Deadline: November 26, 2015 Fogo Island Arts is seeking applications from artists working in a wide range of disciplines for residencies taking place between April 2016 and March 2017. Residencies Fogo Island Arts residencies provide opportunities for artists from a wide range of disciplines to live and work on Fogo Island for periods ranging from …

Nov 06, 15

When I first decided I wanted to to get into screen printing a few months ago, I really had no idea what was involved. I am an artist and I knew that I wanted to print my own designs but… Continue Reading »

Nov 02, 15

A team of physicists led by Caltech's David Hsieh has discovered an unusual form of matter—not a conventional metal, insulator, or magnet, for example, but something entirely different. This phase, characterized by an unusual ordering of electrons, offers possibilities for new electronic device functionalities and could hold the solution to a long-standing mystery in condensed matter physics having to do with high-temperature superconductivity—the ability for some materials to conduct electricity without resistance, even at "high" temperatures approaching -100 degrees Celsius.

Oct 31, 15

Enables viewers to find tropical cyclone data in the Atlantic and Eastern Pacific Basins

Jun 17, 15

This is a quick and easy lesson in how to set up an image crossfade using only CSS to accomplish the task. It's a very nice aesthetic and it only takes a few minutes to set up.

Jun 02, 15

Stor-Wel Mini-Entreposage Montreal offre des mini-entrepôts en plusieurs grandeurs pour l’entreposage des effets personnel et commercial.

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