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Amy Lenord

Amy Lenord's Public Library

about 8 hours ago

We're through for the year but I'm stealing this for next year!
@cecilia_besnard virtual tours our next adventure cecy!! Next year!!

May 23, 16

Fabulous post, Amy. I am there with you on ideas floating around in my head. Reflection has been a weakness for me.

May 22, 16

Deconstructed #Rubrics: Getting Performance #Assessment via @alenord #edchat #langchat #mfl

May 16, 16

Interesting idea @krojas711 @annieop84 @die_frohe_frau @bonnflakes @madameconrad @HMartens72

May 15, 16

@alenord saw these travel infographicS and thought of you #langchat #authres

May 13, 16

#FollowFriday @Annie_Fox @schoolkeep @alenord top Influencers this week! Have a great weekend :) (

May 13, 16

@alenord Soon will be running a 2-part blog post on Embedded Reading! Hopefully will be ready before end of May!

May 13, 16

@alenord is a great resource to learn more! I sometimes add pics in on the simplest level.

May 13, 16

Oh the epic FAILS I have made here! #blankstares #noidea #fail #langchat

May 13, 16

Two can play that game @alenord #langchat Imgflip via @imgflip

May 08, 16

‘Chasca’ - For the 'Pixel Portraits’ show opening on 15th Nov at Strychnin Gallery in Berlin.

May 04, 16

Ideas for what you should watch this week, via @Watching:

May 01, 16

Top Spanish blogs 4 Ss & tchrs bog post by @PhraseMatesES In good comp w @placido @alenord @senoraCMT @karacjacobs
@alenord Your blog is great! We liked it so much that we have included it in our top blogs list! :) Check it:

Apr 30, 16

TALK-READ-TALK-WRITE: Useful approach for conducting effective #language lessons (via @alenord) #languagelearning

Apr 28, 16

I cite this post from @alenord almost daily now to explain my input goals: #langchat @alenord #langchat examining who we are and what we do so we can get better.
"the more I learn about how to teach...the more layers of ineffective practice I have to keep"@alenord

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