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Amy Lenord

Amy Lenord's Public Library

about 8 hours ago

Teaching Teenagers to Cope With Social Stress - Hey niños, would any of you like to try this out with me?

Sep 30, 16

yes - supplementing things they're learning about in other classes --> Content Based Instruction #langchat A5

Sep 30, 16

#langchat A2: YES! Stamina and coaching are huge! Little by little!
Great strategy! Break it down & mix it up! #langchat

Sep 30, 16

A2: Agreed. and also just to enjoy and laugh and have an experience with the language!. #langchat

Sep 30, 16

@SrtaNRodriguez @CoLeeSensei @alenord She has a great example here: #langchat 2/2
Used @alenord's interpersonal feedback doc today during an interpersonal practice activity!

Sep 26, 16

The latest The Fabulous Classroom Daily! Thanks to @alenord

Sep 25, 16

'Soul of our nation:' Obama, John Lewis dedicate African American History Museum

Sep 25, 16

Just blogged w/props to @alenord: two printable EASY templates for primacy/recency lesson planning! #langchat
Awesome! But I credit @alenord w/getting me off the legal pad w/it! Find both here #langchat
Consider Primacy/Recency when planning lesson says @miprofeAP- template from @Musicuentos @alenord #afla16 #coaching

Sep 25, 16

Why white people need to see the searing new African American Museum right now

Sep 24, 16

Google Apps script to create random assignments #edtech #gafe

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