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Amy Lenord

Amy Lenord's Public Library

about 15 hours ago

I do with my students. I also share with them how I was a C Spanish student and what I did to change that. #langchat

about 15 hours ago

@alenord We can take care of #lunch!
Re-tweet to get a #free drink.

Aug 23, 16

@alenord I love your post from earlier this year Rejoice. The dots are slowly connecting in Louisiana. #langchat

Aug 20, 16

@alenord Good luck Amy! We know you'll do great! If you need any help we're here for you. ^CR

Aug 19, 16

@alenord You are full of some amazing ideas. I never doubted that, but so helpful for my new year #langchat

Aug 11, 16

The new 'graphic' course outline! via @piktochart - Thanks for the inspiration @MmeFarab @KrisClimer #langchat

Aug 11, 16

Just blogged w/props to @alenord: two printable EASY templates for primacy/recency lesson planning! #langchat
Awesome! But I credit @alenord w/getting me off the legal pad w/it! Find both here #langchat

Aug 09, 16

SAVE THIS LINK! Ignite presentation template/instructions! #gcstlc2016

Aug 09, 16

My 1st @Piktochart Syllabus. Standing on shoulders of GIANTS and unabashedly copying @MmeFarab & @MCoachSalato

Aug 07, 16

@SraSpanglish @caraluna34 @MartinaBex @SECottrell @alenord I found this!

Aug 05, 16

Brought back fond memories of seeing him live in 2009 in Orlando. He was great then, back when, & better 2day!

Aug 05, 16

@KatrinaPierson not only doesn't know history, she doesn't know "onerous" from "onus"

Aug 05, 16

"Don't Mean Nothing" :)

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