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Amy Lenord

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about 13 hours ago

TALK-READ-TALK-WRITE: Useful approach for conducting effective #language lessons (via @alenord) #languagelearning

Apr 28, 16

I cite this post from @alenord almost daily now to explain my input goals: #langchat @alenord #langchat examining who we are and what we do so we can get better.
"the more I learn about how to teach...the more layers of ineffective practice I have to keep"@alenord

Apr 25, 16

Yum! Hello thematic unit! #langchat What people eat for breakfast around the world

Apr 25, 16

@alenord of Language Coaching's post has been rolling around in my brain for the past week. I totally get that...

Apr 23, 16

Top Spanish blogs 4 Ss & tchrs bog post by @PhraseMatesES In good comp w @placido @alenord @senoraCMT @karacjacobs

Apr 22, 16

I'm only on year two, and this is terribly reassuring for the days I feel like a failure.
Yes, and that is why multiple shorter observations by administrators are better than one long one on a random day.

Apr 22, 16

@MartinaBex @alenord @senoraCMT

Here is a non-technical look at research that directly addresses this topic.

Apr 22, 16

@alenord @srstolz @senoraCMT here is my grammar post

Apr 19, 16

Improving written skills - the "Level-Up TL Writing Workshop Class" shoutout to @alenord for the idea.... #langchat

Apr 18, 16

@apiolxi A2 resource for scaffolding -! @alenord #langchat
@108maestrareed @SraSpanglish @alenord @sonrisadelcampo @senoraCMT check out for awesome resources!
@VTracy7 @alenord is your woman for scaffolding, and basically anything on #langchat
@LaProfeRichter @alenord Search for "vocab list" and you will see posts on how Amy does it! #unlistvocab #actfl15
@alenord your post this week really spoke to my heart, as well #langchat #mustread
Spanish Teacher Blog of the Day!

Apr 18, 16

Another Amy Lenord gem....thanks for your deep thoughts & measured approach! #langchat
Teaching never stops & neither does learning...peeling back layers is progress! I love this post! #langchat #flteach
Honest. Insightful. Thank you, Amy. Right There With You. #langchat
Yes! So interesting. Thanks for sharing your reflections, @alenord
I wish I could retweet this a thousand times. But I won't, cause spamming is rude.

Apr 18, 16

@langchat I really like watching Miguel Conde's tours of Mexico "Once mas" on Once tv from the IPN in Mexico #aatsp

Apr 16, 16

Tasks have def. made my ss more curious about what they need! If they need it to understand, talk about...#langchat

Apr 16, 16

@alenord #langchat I've seen a lot of this done by our colleagues in UK in particular. Love the idea! See for ex)

Apr 16, 16

New post: This time of year, it's about survival--Getting Through The Hard Days. #langchat

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