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Amy Lenord

Amy Lenord's Public Library

@snesbitt1972 @alenord I love this post for how Amy's journey mirrors my experience-and how its better to teach deep rather than wide

I blew up the JCPS rubric we use until I can make my own. Kids love it bc they know it! @alenord

@profepj3 @alenord mine goes all the way up to advanced low. It shows them the progression and short descriptors help them understand why.

@soccermom2013 @alenord Just stick that sucker in a FedEx envelope & send on to Memphis! LOL #langchat

and Happy Passover too! :-) #langchat @alenord

#langchat My takeaway include what Ss did well and where to improve as quick feedback that's meaningful
18 Apr 14

“@profepj3: @alenord That's something we've started in Shelby Cty, TN. Check out #langchat”

Takeaway: so glad I'm not alone on the "grading" issue! And very glad to have #langchat support for my OWN FB and growth!

@alenord @SECottrell @senorjulien preach it! :-) #langchat we all need the same lingo and expectations!

@alenord I just redid all my curric maps to have the can do statements attached to the course description. #langchat

Best feedback for mine has been to show them an example of assmt the next sub level. I showed this today.#langchat

#langchat Have you seen Flipgrid? Great way to see progression in oral work!

@CoLeeSensei @RonieWebster @alenord Amy Lenord is a genius!

@sr_delaney I pull sts in groups of 4-5 for specific fdbk (1 group - help with order issues, others need variety of vocab, ect) #langchat

“@profepj3: This week I had students reflect on what their proficiency level... #langchat” Great reflection practice!

@alenord w/rubrics, my highest point column is NOT 100%. It is xtra credit >100% for risking & communicating beyond expectations. #langchat

@alenord @jennifer_spain love this! Very doable even for a large number of kid #langchat
18 Apr 14

@jennifer_spain how I evaluate and give feedback on thought structuring called "paragraph form": #langchat

@alenord want them to see where they can be, not just where they are at #langchat

@MmeCarbonneau @alenord "glow and grow" "stars and steps" #langchat
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