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26 Apr 13

Another good tutorial on AngularJS: Modeling Data and State in AngularJS Applications #angularjs

26 Apr 13

Fun stuff! :-) RT @meloyelo: Getting a taste of @angularjs with @DanWahlin at and I'm lovin' it! #SPA

26 Apr 13

New release of VS Tools for Git (VS 2012 integration) Includes lots of fixes! #git #vs2012 #tfservice

22 Apr 13

"Use SignalR with Knockout for real-time UX updates in MVC" #aspnetmvc
RT @viking_olof Edit data in dialog form with JQuery and MVC #jquery
Nice series of short videos from @jongalloway on Web API and how to use it:
New Blog Post Accessing a WebAPI Rest Service from MVC: Note: All of the...
Componentes ( #Widget) de jQuery UI para (WebForm)
The next module in the "HTML5 Development For Developer" series is up! Hello HTML5.
Nice post on how to implement claims based security for Web API using DotNetOpenAuth:
In my blog: Membership: how to store additional user data:
Implementing message handlers to track your Web API usage
The 4th module in the ongoing HTML5 Development for Developers course
Getting Data in and out of using Ajax, jQuery, and MVC //cc @interfacett
Develop Real Time Websites on #WindowsAzure using MVC 4, SignalR, Knockout.js:
Step by step post on how to build a Facebook app using MVC 4, Windows Azure, & Git:
In case you missed it - my latest post - Adding OpenID authentication to your MVC 4 application -
Introducing FriendlyUrls - clean URLs, easy Routing, and Mobile Views for Web Forms
Every ASP .NET developer should watch this @gblock video Web API Rocks!: Glenn is just brilliant
Just blogged about two new Web API features - CORS + Attribute Routing - contributed via OSS:

20 Apr 13

A cool visual representation of the 7 surprising thing that motivate us at work #TED From @SocialOgilvy

19 Apr 13

Wow! jQuery 2.0 Released! #jquery #javascript

18 Apr 13

13 Programas gratis para hacer copias de seguridad en Windows – Backups o respaldos

10 Apr 13

Cómo integrar Box en Outlook para reemplazar los adjuntos tradicionales via @bitelia

07 Apr 13

RT @paul_irish: did a excellent job of curating key webapp development primers. Fine work!

07 Apr 13

Nice idea: JavaScript Scope Context Coloring Be nice with C# too for lambdas/nested methods:

03 Apr 13

Lost in nested scopes? Use #batarang to debug your #angular app

03 Apr 13

PeerCDN is a peer-to-peer distributed CDN that will make the web faster

21 Mar 13

Learn to use the #HTML5 Drag and Drop API | TechRepublic

21 Mar 13

Aplicación Online #Free para elaborar diagramas de Flujos, UML, BPMN, etc

20 Mar 13

Nuevo DropBox 2.0 disponible

20 Mar 13

Introducing @sourcetree for Windows @bitbucket's free Git desktop client #git #atlassian

20 Mar 13

Para Emprendedores : Herramienta #Free para Gestionar el Tiempo (Tareas) con el Metodo Eisenhower

19 Mar 13

Servicio que permite encriptar archivos y almacenarlos en Google Drive o Dropbox desde tu Chrome

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