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Linda Aksomitis

Linda Aksomitis's Public Library

16 Apr 14

search engine that brings up sites that have been accessed by period (day, week, etc.)

  • Fort McMoney is a point and click adventure that puts you into the heart of the moral dilemma that is the Canadian oil business. McMoney uses documentary footage to add a deep sense of realism to the game. Taking on the role of environmental detective you meet and greet everyone concerned from the native inhabitants to the executives and politicians that are driving the oil business deep in the Albertan countryside. The framework of the game encourages users to debate the issues with the wider community and for once you get the feeling that there is enough information available in the game to fuel a really constructive dialogue.
09 Apr 14

Cheat sheet of changes from AACR2 to RDA for MARC records - additional cheat sheets linked for various cataloging challenges

03 Apr 14

"Forty women from Turkey, Iran, Syria, Poland, Japan, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, South Sudan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, and other countries have participated in its sessions. During each ten-week session twelve women meet weekly at the Bata Shoe Museum. Over tea and samosas or chunks of Turkish delight, they share and write deeply personal memoirs about the scarcity of shoes in a Syrian refugee camp, a Japanese coming of age ceremony involving shoes, and a beloved pair of dancing shoes in Sri Lanka."

03 Apr 14

Story of three young boys who join the Canadian military

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