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Linda Aksomitis

Linda Aksomitis's Public Library

Jul 01, 16

Army museum in Stockholm - daily tours in English part of admission ticket

  • Included in the entrance fee, no need to book in advance.
Jul 01, 16

Swedish air force museum - 250,000 objects - aircraft, uniforms, cold war, etc. - train about 1.5 hours

Jul 01, 16

tank museum - I'm catching a train to Strangnas (about an hour outside Stockholm I believe) and then a bus to the Swedish Tank Museum

Jun 30, 16

Small bit of info about 1886 Regina Metis bone pickers - history early stockpiling of bones by Cree to give name pile o' bones

  • pickers lived by an unwritten code. The first one upon an area had the right to those bones and no one else could come in take over. That way, the bone picker didn’t have to guard his territory day and night or rush to get through.
  • Bone piles stacked alongside railroad tracks sometimes reached ten feet high, twenty feet wide, and a quarter of a mile long. That’s a lot of bones. This is a neat picture of some beside a railroad track.
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