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Linda Aksomitis

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Nov 25, 15

"What is working well for you in the course?
What could improve this course and make learning more effective [reasonable and feasible for the current course]?
 Do you have any other suggestions for this current or future course?"

Nov 24, 15

rubric for online instruction - clear guidelines in 6 categories

Nov 24, 15

Good article. Supports more of the idea of a few open ended questions, such as What type of content did I find the most useful in helping me learn the material? as opposed to Likert scale questions.

Nov 24, 15

Includes results of changes made to course design after gathering student feedback -- this is the most valuable aspect of the article as the questions weren't that great.

Nov 22, 15

add your link for articles page

Nov 07, 15

Travel Addicts - Lance & Laura are working to support travel habit, and are trying to fit as much adventure as the time allows." guide2travel listed under best couples travel blogs

Nov 05, 15

drag and drop app creation tool - monthly fee to maintain the hosting

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