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05 Feb 13

Fun youtube channel with some educational and interesting investigative videos.

04 Aug 12

Derek Redmond, Olympic runner, gets hurt during a run. But he gets back up and continues anyway, with his father coming out onto the track to support him. Inspirational!

21 Feb 12

Slam poetry about making good choices online.

12 Jan 12

From Richard Byrne: If you use either 1984 or Animal Farm in your classroom you might want to show parts or all of these videos to your students after they have read the books.

24 Oct 11

Very well done song by students (and their principal!) about how to show respect for others.

07 Sep 11

The Sept. 5th issue of Math in the News...tune in each week for a new issue!

14 Jul 11

Cool student made video for teaching verbs.

15 Apr 11

Learn about Copyright along with the Happy Tree Friends. Usual blood and gore not included... ;)

25 Mar 11

Youtube viewing without the objectionable content and comments

03 Feb 11

I cant...stop...watching...these videos!  Every one is so well done and makes history so interesting and exciting!

31 Jan 11

Thought provoking, while obviously liberal, video about the mass production of bottled water.

26 Jan 11

How to display youtube videos without exposing your students to rude comments and inappropriate related videos.

06 Jan 11

Very motivational video about a man born with no arms who doesn't let it slow him down one bit.  Makes us all realize how ridiculous our own excuses are.  If you like this video, look up Nick Vujcic- another great guy and inspirational speaker.

05 Jan 11

love this book- to see it and hear it read by Shel Silverstein himself is nice...

05 Jan 11

My students often balk when I ask them to teach the class how to use a program or complete a task.  Here, a seven year old teaches a room full of adults how to use an i-phone app.  If she can do it, I know a Middle Schooler can!

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