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Dec 11, 15

Richard Byrne of Free Technology For Teachers shows us how to create interactive videos with

Jul 27, 13

Short videos that explain a Nutshell...

Jun 03, 13

Explore 15,000 of the world’s endangered species. With over 100,000 photos and videos, discover what these animals, plants and fungi look like, what makes them special and why we should protect them.

Feb 20, 13

For the math teachers and math enthusiasts- learn about numbers in a fun way!

Jan 12, 12

From Richard Byrne: If you use either 1984 or Animal Farm in your classroom you might want to show parts or all of these videos to your students after they have read the books.

Dec 15, 11

Kids can change the world. All they need is a little inspiration! is where you can find real-life stories to share with — and inspire — the kids in your life.

Sep 21, 11

I am IN LOVE with this website! Sign up and you and your class (or just you if you love this stuff as much as I do) can complete missions and earn badges.

Feb 04, 11

phonics videos for kids and teachers!

Jan 26, 11

How to display youtube videos without exposing your students to rude comments and inappropriate related videos.

Jul 19, 09

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