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Feb 07, 14

Make videos easier to use for educational purposes by cropping, adding voiceovers, and embedding questions.

Apr 16, 13

If you want to tell stories with video, you need to be able to communicate using the "language" of video. The Video Storytelling Guide will show you how! The Guide includes links to term definitions and to over 75 video examples that illustrate the major concepts presented.

Apr 16, 13

School videos range from simple video classroom reports, through major classroom team projects, to ongoing school wide efforts. This page presents video production examples as a springboard for ideas for your own video production projects.

Feb 22, 13

create your own animated videos for free

Oct 19, 12

BEYOND COOL new free online video creation tool from Mozilla, Popcorn lets you add overlays, dynamic flickr feeds, clickable maps, and more to your online videos.

Feb 01, 12

Just about every video producer, rank and file, from first time beginner to award-winning professional likes to grab the camera and run, shooting whatever inspiration has seized the moment.

Jan 18, 12

The secret isn’t using expensive equipment, it’s the lighting technique. If you take the time to light yourself or your interviewee carefully, a $100 flip camera can look like it was shot on a $10,000 professional camera

Sep 29, 11

WeVideo is a free web-based video editing program that lets students and teachers upload video and photos to the WeVideo media library. This library can be shared or private, which is great for classroom projects. Users can add titles, effects, animation, music, narration and more to create their own video story. 

Jan 31, 11

Thought provoking, while obviously liberal, video about the mass production of bottled water.

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