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Sep 29, 15

"Chalkup's EdTech Glossary
Search for language, definitions, and resources that define 21st century learning."

Nov 25, 14

Welcome to STEM-Works, a resource for teachers, mentors, parents, STEM professionals, volunteers, and everyone passionate about getting children eager to learn about science, technology, engineering, and math.

Jun 02, 14

Utilize these free resources for 6th-12th grade classrooms to develop key STEM and critical thinking skills in your students. All resources are aligned to national education standards.

Jul 19, 13

Create a student powered tech squad at your school!

Feb 20, 13

This invaluable resource provides tons of professional development information

Dec 18, 12

Fun science, neat jobs, awesome tech! this website has all kinds of cool STEM resources.

Oct 11, 12

Digital Passport is a suite of games and videos provided by common sense media to help students make good choices when using technology.

May 31, 12

hmm...i'm bookmarking a diigo list on diigo... haha! this is a list of registration-free web 2.0 sites students can use for projects...

Feb 01, 12

Digital adaptation of Blooms Taxonomy and ways of achieving the levels with digital media

Feb 01, 12

CITEd identifies evidence-based practices for integrating instructional technology to support the achievement of all students.

Feb 01, 12

Regardless of whether we're working directly or indirectly with learners, we're all involved with facilitating the learning process. We may be creating multimedia pathfinders, collaborating on the development of WebQuests, or supervising online discussion groups. All of these activities involve the design of environment conducive to learning.

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