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30 May 13

smarter online research - annotate, organize & collaborate on web pages

18 Dec 12

Spark at the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) helps to connect the  advances and innovations developed at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) and  the UCAR Member Universities to the needs and priorities of a diverse people by helping them to  learn, understand, and apply these advances and innovations. 

31 May 12

Web search can be a remarkable tool for students, and a bit of instruction in how to search for academic sources will help your students become critical thinkers and independent learners.

03 Feb 12

Easy way to summarize articles from Wikipedia.  distills down the info for younger students

17 Feb 11

Interesting lesson on "Blue Zones," areas in the country with healthier-than-normal populations.  What makes this so?  could be a good inquiry lesson for students...

20 Apr 09

White Paper - Living and Learning with New Media: Summary of Findings from the Digital Youth Project (pdf)

01 Jun 09

A computational search engine. For example, put in your hometown and it compiles data on the local time, weather, location, latitute/longitude, etc.

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