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Apr 24, 14

Math fun and puzzlers

May 09, 13

HUGE collection of logic puzzles and brain teasers to get your students thinking outside the box

Jan 31, 13

fun challenging online riddles to solve and practice your creative thinking

Dec 07, 11

We're challenging you to figure out where in the world each of the images below is taken. North is not always up in these pictures, and, apart from a bit of contrast, they are unaltered images provided by Google and its mapping partners.

Dec 01, 11

This site has been developed to help people to sharpen their mind and improve their ability to think outside the box.

Jul 24, 09

this is a really cool game that teaches you logo-style programming

Aug 19, 09

cool webquest that teaches kids about codes and cryptograms, and how they are related to math.

Jul 06, 10

I love brain teasers, and my students are, ahem, forced to participate in my obsession with mind bending puzzles!

Sep 17, 10

I LOVE using brain teasers as a drill or warm up activity, and this site has TONS of them!

Oct 26, 10

Enjoy the games and stimulate your brains with thousands of top-quality logic puzzles.

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