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Nov 14, 11

A Visual look at the evidence of climate change, through the eyes of photographers.

Sep 30, 09

I teach photography skills to my middle schoolers- What better subject than my favorite place in the world - Walt Disney World!

May 27, 10

i love this slideshow, not so much for its tidbits of wisdom, although those are nice, but for its amazing photography of two stormtroopers in such curious situations that they seem to be alive!  I smell a photography/writing assignment here...

Jul 19, 10

digital photography guide with some exercises to improve your photography skill

Jul 19, 10

describes everything from how the lenses work to how to edit your photos

Jul 27, 10

take your own photos and transform them into tilt-shift style miniatures

Dec 20, 10

Yes! A free bank of lesson resources I can use for my Video Production Unit.  Don't you just love the interwebz?

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