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04 Jul 13

Kids News and News Articles for Kids

04 Jul 13

Kid-friendly news articles for teachers, parents and kids.

14 Sep 12

Learn about and connect with new people around the world. Get news, video, and music from other countries.

11 Nov 11

Do Now is a new series of activities for middle and high school teachers designed to engage students to respond to current issues through the use KQED's award-winning online media resources and social media tools like Twitter.

30 Sep 11

Magazine with news stories aimed at younger students.

07 Sep 11

The Sept. 5th issue of Math in the News...tune in each week for a new issue!

19 Aug 11

This visualization plots over 140,000 newspapers published over three centuries in the United States. The data comes from the Library of Congress' "Chronicling America" project, which maintains a regularly updated directory of newspapers. 

19 Aug 11

a visual look at news stories- aggregated, sortable and searchable.

09 Aug 11

Current events, as seen through the prism of mathematics: This is what Math in the News brings every week. We look through stories that make today's headlines and extract the mathematical story underlying it.

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