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Jul 17, 13

Fantastic and imaginative short film and app that lets you go inside the movie.

Mar 20, 13

Add your own words to silent films using your microphone!

Jan 23, 13

Make stop-motion films with a web-cam or a bunch of photos.

Jan 12, 12

From Richard Byrne: If you use either 1984 or Animal Farm in your classroom you might want to show parts or all of these videos to your students after they have read the books.

Aug 28, 09

It has been said that today's young people are apathetic. I don't think such a blanket statement is fair. I think for people to get involved, they have to find some meaning in it for themselves. Perhaps a movie like "The Cove" might inspire someone to

Feb 08, 10

help with the ins and outs of Digital Storytelling

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