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Jul 19, 13

digital media aligned to Common Core standards

May 06, 13

digital storytelling with an interactive twist

Jan 16, 13

The Media Education Lab is one of the leading providers of multimedia curriculum resources for K-12 media literacy education. Take advantage of our extensive collection of free resources.

Dec 21, 11

Fabulous blog with TONS of ideas for using a media cart/IWB in the classroom.  I want to be a student in her class!

Nov 14, 11

MNet is a Canadian non-profit organization that has been pioneering the development of media literacy and digital literacy programs since its incorporation in 1996.

Nov 11, 11

Wes Fryer is such an inspiration to me- not only the way he mentors teachers and students in the area of digital media, but also the way he is raising his own kids to be tech-geniuses! I have a budding techie daughter who wants her own web show thanks to Mr. Fryer's daughter's cooking videos. :)

Nov 11, 11

I like this idea for having students evaluate the media they are using:
students, for example, can ask:
Who created or paid for the message?Why was it created?Who is the message designed to reach?How does the message capture the audience's attention? How might different people understand this message differently?What values or points of view are included or excluded and why?  Where can I find out more to verify the information?What can I do with this information?

Nov 09, 11

Project Look Sharp is a media literacy initiative of Ithaca College to provide lesson plans, materials, training and support for the effective integration of media literacy with critical thinking into classroom curricula at all education levels.

Aug 19, 11

a visual look at news stories- aggregated, sortable and searchable.

Aug 18, 11

PBS LearningMedia features help you teach outside the box. You’ll make cross-curricular connections every step of the way.

Mar 30, 11

Competition 0, Collaboration 1.  Love this post about leveraging social media for education!

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