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Dec 11, 12

Learn what the jury process is like through this engaging game

Dec 17, 09

Liberty Kids teaches about Colonial life in America through a variety of educational activities.

Mar 22, 10

Five Israelis meet with five Palestinians to discuss, debate, and negotiate different solutions to one of the most entrenched conflicts in the world. They have five sessions to reach a peace agreement.  The negotiations are conducted in front of an audien

Jun 10, 10

oh, this site looks cool!  you can play civics games where you can be a lawyer, a supreme court justice, or even the President!  heck with my class, I want to play these! :)

Jun 11, 10

amazing civics game that lets students run for congress and learn about the election process along the way

Jul 20, 10

another cool government game from icivics and Filament games

Nov 11, 10

new national ed-tech plan...i have yet to review it, but i'm skeptical...

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