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Feb 10, 16

This is great! Derrick Waddell has created a template you can use to make a "fakebook" page in Google Drawings and Richard Byrne tells you how to use it!

May 02, 14

Wow. What a neat idea! Ira Bickoff, a physics teacher, has created a new genre, the BookMap.  He creates an interactive Google LitTrip, but with activities, supplemental readings, and the full book text in the tour.  Teachers could do this for other books they are reading, or students could do this as a book project.  

Dec 07, 12

A game to check your searching ability.  Guess what the user was searching for based on the results.  Might be fun for students to try and reverse engineer the search.

Sep 20, 12

Google has created an Administrator Guide to Accessibility that explains best practices for deploying Google Apps to support users’ accessibility needs. We want to give everyone a great experience with Google Apps, and this guide is another resource designed with that goal in mind. 

Jun 04, 12

 A visual programming language - reminds me of scratch

May 31, 12

Web search can be a remarkable tool for students, and a bit of instruction in how to search for academic sources will help your students become critical thinkers and independent learners.

May 31, 12

Multimedia images and resources about many notable locations around the world

Feb 08, 12

Videos about teaching cybersafety

Feb 01, 12

Among all the links and downloads out there, it can be hard for teachers to know which ones work best. Google has made it easier by creating Google for Educators, which compiles some of the search engine's most useful features in one place.

Jan 23, 12

Google Earth tools developed by Social Studies teacher Josh Williams

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