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10 Nov 12

Have your students discover their own global network by completing the "Global Closet Calculator"—a two-part interactive game that introduces the concepts of interdependence and globalization.

18 Jan 12

Connect online to interact with experts in the field, share ideas, and collaborate with people around the world who, like you, are committed to solving environmental challenges.

07 Oct 11

131 small, simple actions.
Some make someone's day, others make your home a bit greener, others make life better for chickens. All of them do a little chunk of good. Take your pick.

22 Jul 09

UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown talks about creating a global society in which people from all countries and cultures work together for the greater good. Sounds great...makes you wish we could all just get along...

31 Jul 09

Advancing education through videoconferencing and other collaborative technologies. - Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration

12 Aug 09

I plan to use this video to inspire my students to be problem solvers. Prelude to the "We Can Change the World Challenge," maybe?

28 Aug 09

It has been said that today's young people are apathetic. I don't think such a blanket statement is fair. I think for people to get involved, they have to find some meaning in it for themselves. Perhaps a movie like "The Cove" might inspire someone to

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